Pititam Udomtammanupap

Certified Personal Trainer, Basic Life Support,
Thai Bone Balancing Massage,
Thai Massage (Basic, and Advance)
Personal Trainer
Moo is the guy who got a passion for food, outdoor activity, adventure, and a freedom lifestyle. Always willing to learn new things to develop himself. In the junior high school, he was in the basketball school team and kept playing until he finished high school.He finished his college about culinary. Start working in a Restaurant Baltimore, USA. After that moved to England for a while. Came back to teach in a culinary school in Thailand.One of his life-changing points was that he got interested in the life of the monk because of the simplicity but yet a happy life. He met his master at that time who gave him the motivation to ordain. In that time monk life, he learned about mindfulness, awareness, meditation, and how to live in this world and have a mind in the peaceful stage daily. After 5 years of practicing and learning the life of the monk life, he felt good and ready for a happy life outside of the templeAt that time he was heavily overweight and realized that his body would have problems soon if he not doing anything about it. He started to educate himself more about nutrition, weight loss, and muscle building plus using his knowledge from the college about food, nutrition, and the human body. He started a journey to lose weight and lost 30 kg within a year through hard training and good nutrition. That triggered his passion for exercise and helping others to reach their own fitness and wellness goals.
<He is certified personal trainer, Thai massage, very good knowledge in nutrition – muscle building – circuit training – functional training – weight loss, and our expert about weight training and meditation here in DARA

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