Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Brunei

The Nation of Brunei is located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, with a population around 400,000. Two-thirds of the population adheres to the religion of Islam, which is also the official religion of Brunei. The sale and public consumption of alcohol is banned, as Brunei is a Sharia law country. The reality is that addiction exists, and many individuals turn to DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab in beautiful Thailand for high quality, affordable treatment.

Brunei has a drug treatment and rehabilitation center for drug offenders, which is provided under the Prisons Department of Brunei, at a residential facility called Rumah Al-Islah. Elements of the rehab program include medical detox; physical exercise; sports and recreation; individual, group, and family counseling; vocational training; moral (religious) rehabilitation; civic (social) rehabilitation; and aftercare run by the Narcotics Control Bureau. Admission to Al-Islah can be court ordered as well as voluntary.

“Behind the 15-foot-high, barbed wire perimeter fences and under the watchful eyes of 24-hour security patrols lies not a prison as one would expect to define it but rather a community of people who are being treated for their drug addiction…. Brunei’s new drug rehabilitation center [Al-Islah] operates on the concept of a “therapeutic community” (TC), where drug abusers are given daily doses of moral support to help them change their bad habits, with a participative, group-based approach.” –News Brunei FM, A ‘therapeutic community’ at Al-Islah

We are not aware of any other rehab facility in the country, other than Al-Islah.

Why Choose DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab

While Al-Islah is hopefully helping addicts in Brunei, of course, the kind of setting and program described would not appeal to some people, and simply wouldn’t be appropriate for some people requiring professional drug and alcohol rehab. If you are living in Brunei, and have an addiction problem, DARA Drug & Alcohol Rehab can help. We have helped people from all over the world overcome abuse of, and addiction to, alcohol and drugs.

Our luxury accommodations and serene setting, coupled with our exceptional therapy program, will provide you with the best possible environment and life tools for working your recovery program—so you can stop drinking/drug use, and move beyond a life shaped and tormented by drug or alcohol addiction. Instead, you can live a clean and sober, healthier and happier life.

DARA was the first English-speaking alcohol and drug rehab centers in Asia, and continues to be one of the most emulated and respected. DARA currently offers treatment in two extraordinary locations in Thailand, each with a particular treatment focus.

DARA’s Koh Chang location

Our flagship location is situated on the Thai tropical paradise of Koh Chang (Elephant Island) is a beautiful and secluded island noted for its safety and security. DARA Koh Chang combines an intensive drug rehab center with a luxury hotel. DARA Koh Chang employs over 50 staff, including 15 full-time, internationally certified therapists.  This location offers personalized four, eight and twelve week rehabilitation programs, each using DARA’s Integrated Behavioral Therapy™ (IBT).

Located in the stunning Koh Chang National Park, clients reside in 40 villas surrounded by beautifully landscaped tropical gardens.


Your Trip to Thailand for Alcohol and Drug Rehab At DARA

Coming to Thailand may seem like a radical way to deal with your problem, but in fact, many clients who would be unable to afford luxury drug and alcohol rehab at home are able to take advantage of the DARAs superior clinical care and amenities. In addition to DARAs first-rate treatment and resort-like settings, the geographic distance from home can be of extreme value. Being separated from home and social pressures, as well as personal triggers, is an important strategy during the active treatment phase of residential care. A trigger is something an individual associates with using alcohol or other drugs, including people, places, a certain time of the day, or certain situations and emotional states. DARA offers you a luxury residential treatment option that also provides essential time to focus on recovery while also having a physical distance from many of these triggers.

When coming to Thailand for treatment at DARA Drug & Alcohol Rehab, most of our clients fly into Bangkok’s international Suvarnabhumi (pronounced “su-wan-na-poom”) Airport (BKK). There are 6½ hour, 1-stop flights from Brunei to Bangkok.

Upon arrival at your preferred DARA facility, you will be welcomed by DARAs staff, and oriented to some logistics regarding our program and your new surroundings. The rest of this first day and evening is spent settling into your villa and relaxing in the luxurious, stunning surroundings that will be your home during your residential treatment stay.

Returning Home

After completing your residential treatment at DARA, a member of our staff will accompany you back to the Trat airport for your flight home. We will also help you make any necessary flight and transfer arrangements. All of your discharge planning and aftercare treatment will be arranged well before your departure date.

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