Drug and Alcohol Rehab South Africa

When you’ve made a decision to get professional help for alcohol abuse, alcoholism, or any other substance abuse, and have decided on going to a residential rehabilitation program (vs. outpatient treatment), DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab may be the right choice for you.

Yes, we are some distance from South Africa, but well worth the journey. If you’re serious about your recovery, are looking for a top quality luxury alcohol and drug rehab, and want a bit of an adventure starting your road to recovery, we are the right place and right people for you. We encourage you to contact us at +66 8 7140 7788 and speak directly to one of our certified counselors. They’ll answer your questions, and explain the customized, affordable care that DARA provides.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism can all be considered forms of addiction if a person can’t stop drinking alcohol or using other drugs, even though the using and abusing is causing pain and problems in his or her life, and in the lives of family and friends. In many circumstances, professional drug and alcohol rehab is needed to overcome an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs.

DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab has a rehabilitation and recovery program that takes a holistic approach to treating alcohol and drug addiction and incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as a core treatment modality. Our dedicated, top-notch treatment team has helped many people live a clean and sober life during their life’s service of helping people with drug and alcohol addiction.

DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab’s alcohol and drug rehab program includes One-on-one Counseling, Group Therapy, Relapse Awareness, Group Education, Art Therapy, Water Workout, Sharing Your Life Story, Group Sports, Journaling, Stress Management, Excursions & Outdoor Pursuits, Nutritious and Delicious Meals, and Aftercare Planning—all set in a stunning and luxurious setting.

Please explore our website to learn more about DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab, including our International Rehab Destination information page.

Traveling to DARA from South Africa for Premier Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Coming to Thailand may seem like a radical way to deal with your problem, but in fact, many clients who would be unable to afford luxury drug and alcohol rehab at home are able to take advantage of the DARAs superior clinical care and amenities. In addition to DARAs first-rate treatment and resort-like settings, the geographic distance from home can be of extreme value. Being separated from home and social pressures, as well as personal triggers, is an important strategy during the active treatment phase of residential care. A trigger is something an individual associates with using alcohol or other drugs, including people, places, a certain time of the day, or certain situations and emotional states. DARA offers you a luxury residential alcohol and drug rehab option that also provides essential time to focus on recovery while also having a physical distance from many of these triggers.

Upon arrival at your DARA facility, you will be welcomed by DARAs staff, and oriented to some logistics regarding our program and your new surroundings. The rest of this first day and evening is spent settling into your villa and relaxing in the luxurious, stunning surroundings that will be your home during your residential treatment stay. You’ll be ready to join in the recovery program the following day.

Returning Home

After completing your residential drug and alcohol rehab program at DARA, a member of our staff will accompany you back to the Trat airport. We will also help you make any necessary flight and transfer arrangements. All of your discharge planning and aftercare treatment will be arranged well before your departure date. Upon returning home you will be ready to begin your aftercare program, which may include Outpatient Drug Rehab and sober support groups.

If you or a loved one is in need of the very best in drug and alcohol rehab services, DARA can help.

To speak directly to a counselor call +66 8 7140 7788 or use the contact form.

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