Alcohol & Drug Rehab Hawaii

If you’re looking for a great quality substance abuse rehab for yourself or a loved one, DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab may just be the right choice. There are many addiction rehabilitation centers throughout the world, but we are second to none, and offer a very unique drug and alcohol rehab program:

  • We offer a holistic approach for the treatment of alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and other substance abuse.
  • We treat the whole person, focusing on the individual, not simply the addiction. With us, while you’ll not only learn to change your addictive thinking and behavior based on a core Integrated Treatment Model, you’ll concurrently have a renewal of mind, body, and spirit through fun exercise, nutritious and delicious meals, meditation, breath regulation, relaxation and massage.
  • Our residential treatment center facilities mirror our alcohol and drug treatment program; that is, they are simply first class. We believe a recovery center should be a place where you can focus on working your recovery program, and not be hindered by any physical discomforts and concerns about daily needs. DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab provides first class amenities, in a peaceful setting, located on a lush tropical island on the East side of Thailand.
  • You can get away from an association of your home environment to work on your recovery and thus be further away from common triggers that prompt you to drink or use drugs.
  • For some, being discreet regarding where you’re going when going to rehab is important. Thailand is a major tourist destination, and that’s all anyone needs to know—as you decide.
    Upon returning home, you’ll have an aftercare program in place to help you through that early, crucial time in your recovery.

When looking at alcohol and drug rehab, Hawaii may be more expensive than DARA’s all-inclusive program in one of our two luxury treatment centers in Thailand. We encourage you to research care, and compare.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Hawaii: More Reasons to Consider DARA

Coming to Thailand may seem like an extreme way to deal with your problem, for getting to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program; it’s not. Coming to Thailand is a journey well worth taking as part of your overall journey of rehabilitation. We’ll provide you with a foundation to walk your path of sobriety, but it’s up to you to begin down that path, and then to continuing walking it. But, you’re not alone; we’re here to help. DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab has helped many people lead a life of sobriety. A geographic distance can be a benefit to the residential treatment. We understand that initially alcohol or drug rehab Hawaii may be too close to home. By living clean and sober, you can change your world and break the bonds of addiction.

If you choose to come to DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab, getting to Bangkok isn’t difficult. Many international flights arrive daily at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Once at the airport, we’ll be there to meet you.

Please explore our website for more information about drug & alcohol abuse, addiction and alcoholism, and for more information about our rehabilitation treatment program & facilities, and coming to Thailand. Don’t forget, call us at any time, day or night, for personal attention and assistance.

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