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DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab believes that all individuals have a right to professional help for their addictions. More than one source, including a report by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) — a human rights watch agency — reports a sad situation for those addicted to drugs in Vietnam:

“Drug users in Vietnam can be committed by family members or community focal points that keep lists of known drug users, and there is no due process to appeal commitment or extension of internment. In response to high rates of return to drug use (as high as 95 percent by those leaving the centers) the government in some cities has extended terms of detention to as long as six years, including labor in facilities built near the treatment centers. Between 50,000 to 100,000 drug users are now interned in Vietnam’s compulsory rehabilitation centers.

In Vietnam, detainees are punished for failing to meet work quotas by being denied baths for a month, beaten with clubs, and being chained and forced to stand on their toes for more than 24 hours. Some internees report being put in isolation for up to a week in a cell so small that they are forced to sleep, urinate, and defecate in a standing position. Several people interviewed after completing compulsory treatment said they felt “lower than animals” after serving such sentences.”

Unfortunately, as indicated in the above report excerpt, the state of “treatment” for drug addiction in Vietnam is not one that embraces compassion, empathy, and hope, but the absolute antithesis of these. While reports do not specify if persons with alcoholism are included in the population of “drug addicts,” to be confined under the same terms and conditions, it would be hard to imagine the treatment of alcoholism would be one which embraces care, concern and a correct therapeutic approach given the mentality regarding drug addiction. We can all only hope that human rights advocate agencies and international influence will one day change the climate in Vietnam to help—not hurt—persons with drug addiction.

Thankfully, it appears that some inroads have been made, and are continuing to be made, on bringing help to drug addicts in Vietnam, which will also, hopefully one day, completely reverse the situation described above. A joint project between Family Health International in Vietnam and the Education Development Center’s Health and Human Development (HHD) division provides support for recovering heroin addicts in Vietnam. According to HHD, heroin is the most commonly used illicit drug in Vietnam. It has long be accepted that recovery from heroin requires drug rehab.

Privacy During Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab

At DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab, protecting the privacy of our clients is of vital concern to us. We are particularly aware of the “treatment” framework in Vietnam as described above. This is not an issue in Thailand, where DARA has affordable world-class facilities. Thailand is an internationally acclaimed medical tourism hub with traditions and culture that emphasize both compassion for the individual and the importance of health and bodily well-being. Furthermore, Thailand is only a short flight away from Vietnam. Residents of Vietnam do not need a visa for a stay of less than 30 days.

DARA’s Koh Chang Location

Our location is situated on the Thai tropical paradise of Koh Chang (Elephant Island). Koh Chang is a beautiful and secluded island noted for its safety and security. DARA Koh Chang combines an intensive drug rehab center with a luxury hotel. DARA Koh Chang employs over 50 staff, including 15 full-time, internationally certified therapists. This location offers personalized four, eight and twelve week rehabilitation programs, each using DARA’s Integrated Behavioral Therapy™ (IBT).

Located in the stunning Koh Chang National Park, clients reside in 40 villas surrounded by beautifully landscaped tropical gardens.

We encourage you to call us directly to discuss which drug rehab program is right for you. You will speak directly with one of our counselors.

Why Travel to Thailand for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

  • Travel time is minimal. Non-stop flights from Hanoi to Bangkok are 1 hour 50 minutes; non-stop flights from Ho Chi Minh are 1 hour 25 minutes
  • You can get away from an association of your home environment to work on your recovery and thus be further away from common triggers that prompt you to drink or use drugs.
  • For some, being discreet regarding where you’re going when going to rehab is important. Thailand is a major tourist destination, and that’s all anyone needs to know—as you decide.
  • DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab is simply unique and exceptional in its luxurious setting, facilities, and therapy program.
  • We treat the whole person, focusing on the individual, not simply the addiction. With us,
    while you’ll not only learn to change your addictive thinking and behavior based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you’ll concurrently have a renewal of mind, body, and spirit through fun exercise, nutritious and delicious meals, meditation, breath regulation, relaxation, and massage.
  • Upon returning home, you’ll have an aftercare program in place to help you through that early, crucial time in your recovery.

If you or a loved one has an alcohol and addiction problem, contact DARA. We are happy to discuss your needs and concerns, and provide the help and information you need to regain your sobriety.

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