Why did this New Zealand mum go to rehab?

"I was happy-go-lucky from the outside. It shocked my friends and family when I needed help, because no one knew..."
Former client at DARA Rehab

Why was Lizzie in rehab?

Lizzie is a proud mum to three children and a kindergarten teacher.

Her relationship with alcohol wasn’t healthy, but her “wake up call”, only happened when things took a very dark turn one night –

“I ended up attempting to take my own life,” says Lizzie.

It was a shock for many, because –

“From the outside looking in I was a barrel of laughs.”

Like many people, Lizzie masked her drinking and the pressure she was feeling, until “it all compounded. I was working full time, raising three children and I’d started a business.”

“I was always doing things for other people. A great mum, so happy!”

Prioritising others above herself, gave them the impression she was “on top of things.”

Thankfully Lizzie was resuscitated. She made the decision to start fresh and she is “so happy that I did it.”

What was rehab like for this mum of three?

koh chang island dara
DARA Rehab is on an island in Thailand. This is the beach Lizzie spent time at.

It was really empowering to find myself again because I didn't know who I was."
Like many women was putting other people first.

“The facilities are amazing. The staff are so kind and friendly. I gained so much from socialising in a sober environment.”

As well as gaining a fresher perspective and addressing her mental health with regular therapy sessions, Lizzie also began to feel her health change with her newfound sobriety.

“A couple of weeks into DARA I was feeling healthy and I realised it was because I wasn’t always hungover!”

DARA Rehab is about healing all aspects of a person – mind, body and soul.

With that in mind, we incorporate personal training, massage, meditation and excursions to elephant sanctuaries and Thai cooking classes.

For Lizzie, this is a fresh start in life. She is empowered and she is deserving of a long happy life moving forward. Congratulations Lizzie.

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