Jack’s story: A happy life after meth


Jack* struggled with 12 years of Methamphetamine addiction before coming to Dara Rehab in 2018.  

“My life had fallen apart around me. I was going through a divorce, and I wasn’t living a good life. I had lost everything and I was destitute.” 

Leaving Hawaii, where Jack was living to travel to Koh Chang, Thailand, wasn’t a decision he took lightly. 

“I found Dara Rehab online. Before coming I was scared and nervous, but determined to do something about my addiction,” says Jack. 

Twelve months after leaving DARA Rehab, Jack says his treatment was “amazing. I would 100% recommend it. It’s the location, the community and new strategies that really helped me dig out of the hole was in.” 

Jack writing his life story, at DARA Rehab. These stories are read in group therapy sessions and help our clients communicate openly.

NA vs CBT: What difference does it make?

There are different approaches to addiction treatment. It is important to choose one that works for you or your loved one.

Reflecting on why his treatment was successful, Jack says: 

“For me, especially being my age – I’m 32 years old – the 12 steps method didn’t appeal to me personally; but the CBT method used at DARA Rehab really clicked with me.” 

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are both faith-based recovery treatment approaches. At DARA Rehab our approach to treatment is based on Integrated Cognitive-Behaviour Treatment (CBT). 

We appreciate the 12 steps approach still has a great deal of merit and is successful for some, but when selecting treatment Jack says “I don’t really subscribe to a higher power. Especially being a drug addict, it’s hard to put your faith in something bigger than yourself. That made CBT more appealing to me.”

Is CBT better for younger people?

“I have read CBT is better for many millennials. Studies in the United States showed a comparison and the success rates for younger people is much higher with CBT than AA or NA. For me, it felt better to subscribe to something that empowers me and puts the power back in my hands.” 

“My view on that is that the majority of millennials are college-educated and subscribe to a more ethereal way of thinking.”

For Jack, his sobriety was supported by a motivation to return to DARA Rehab 12 months down the track to claim his free week.  

“I didn’t know we got a free week refresher until I had already checked in, and when I found out it really gave me hope,” says Jack who acknowledges recovery is not easy and saw the safe place he had found at DARA as “a bit of reprieve. When I left I always knew I would come back. Having that week on my mind was a real motivator. I think it’s comforting for many clients because it shows that DARA Rehab has real confidence in the clients. To me, it says ‘our place is so awesome and we have so much confidence, we will give you a one-week refresher on top of what you pay for.’

Shared goals help recovery

The community created at DARA Rehab helps with the healing. When asked about the people he met at rehab, Jack credits their support and shared experience in helping him recover

“The people I met here, the community that exists helped my recovery 110%. The different people you meet gives you this new stimulus,” says Jack referring to the very broad array of clientele who attend DARA Rehab.

“There are people from around the world, they all have very different stories but the shared experience of addiction. That creates a strong sense of community. When you’re an addict you feel very isolated because you’re hiding what you’re doing. Then you come to DARA and the community means you don’t feel alone. You have a shared sense of accomplishment.” 

Relapse prevention

Rehab is about more than just getting clean. It’s about learning the skills to retain your sobriety when you leave.

In Jack’s case, his new skills and positive thinking has given him the ability to transform current relationships and start new ones. He is still connected to many of the people he attended rehab with, and as well as being supportive they have made an unexpected impact in his life.  

“I met my business partner in rehab. We were both lawyers and realized we were motivated to make a life change. Our stories were similar – we had gone into law to make our fathers proud but it didn’t make either of us happy. So, together, we left law and started a business together, and 12 months down the track we are doing really well. We have been supported by other people we met in rehab, who helped us make the right introductions and we’re really thankful for that new start.

The last year since I left DARA Rehab has been amazing. In one short year, I went from being a disgraced lawyer slash meth dealer. I had no place to live, I was bouncing from hotel to hotel, to having a happy home and a business I am proud of. I have a fresh start, and I am so thankful for that.”

A message from the team at DARA Rehab: Addiction is not easy to recover from. We give Jack credit for his ongoing work in recovery and thank him for sharing his story.

*To retain Jack’s privacy we have changed his name. 

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