Stress and Addiction


Studies show stress and addiction are linked. Stress impacts us all in some way. We live in a world that moves at a million miles a second. So, when it comes to the topic of ‘stress’, it is certainly something that everyone could relate to as it is unavoidable, whether it is financial, school, relationships, or internal stress/ conflict one is having with themselves. But what is stress and what happens to our bodies when we get stress?

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Why try DARA Rehab, after relapsing


Relapsing after recovery can feel like defeat. A recent survey of DARA Rehab clientele found that one in every 6 clients we care for have at some point in their lives, tried another rehab before coming to us.

Choosing a rehab that suits your needs is important. But what are the differences between rehabs, and if you have relapsed before should you try again?

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monkey koh chang dara rehab

From Spain to Koh Chang


Today we received this kind email from a client who traveled here all the way from Spain. Traveling halfway around the world takes courage and we appreciate our clients can have questions before their flights. O* was a little unique as she was travelling with her friend Virginia* so both of them could enter treatment together. Her enthusiasm for monkey sitings also made us smile. She was in complete disbelief that she would actually have a chance to spot monkeys in a natural environment, without being in a zoo. Sometimes we take these things for granted here in Thailand, but we are thrilled to share the experience was as “magical” as she hoped it would be.

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Sports and mental health


“Get moving,” is the message we are echoing, because exercise and mental health are linked. Studies point to evidence in children and adults that daily exercise can both prevent and treat mental health issues. Moreso throughout the world mental health professionals are working with community groups and sporting groups to promote an active lifestyle.

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