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3 Ways Addiction Help Should Be Asked For

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Addiction to any substance can leave a person in a very lonely place. Before looking at 3 ways a person can look for help let’s start with a positive.

You have recognized there is a problem:

The fact that a person has decided to seek help for their current substance abuse is a very positive step. This means that denial is being put to one side and problems caused by this abuse are being understood.

This first step must be followed up quickly. Your momentum needs to be continued by seeking help and advice.

Here are 3 ways that this can be achieved:

Talk to a person you have trust in:

This may not be for everyone, but if you feel comfortable speaking with someone you trust then it is a solid approach.

The person you ask will more than likely be very relieved that you have chosen to speak to them. They will listen and be keen to do anything they can to help you. It will also do you the power of good because you will be able to get things off your chest.

It may not be easy to open your heart, admit that your current substance abuse is out of hand, and that you do not know where to turn, but by being honest and holding nothing back you will be able to explain everything. From here, joint solutions can be looked at.

Choose a time when neither of you are under pressure of time, when you are alone and will not be interrupted and go through everything. Remember, honesty must be the best policy. The person you are talking to is not there to judge, they are there to offer help and advice.

Writing a letter or sending an e-mail:

Some people feel easier writing down their feelings, thoughts and requests for help. Writing things down has the advantage of you being able to go over your piece until you have everything in the order in which you wish to explain.

It also allows structure. You can write a paragraph or two about something specific and at the end of this put a question to the person you are sending it to.

Seeking help in this way also means that a meeting between the two of you can be arranged with a pre-set agenda of the points raised in your letter, the comments the other person has and ideas on how to progress matters.

Seeking professional help:

This can be done either by making an appointment with your doctor or contacting a rehabilitation establishment directly.

Such an approach will allow you to discuss your problem in complete confidentiality. From here you will receive advice on the types of treatment and assistance that is available.

Whatever you do, do something!

Substance abuse and addiction will not disappear of its own accord. The fact is it will gradually deepen. There are other ways to confront your issues than the 3 mentioned above, but if one of these fits into your way of thinking then it should be acted upon sooner rather than later.

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