Addiction Recovery Resorts Offer Long Term Rehab Success

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Those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction would be well advised to consider the facilities and services offered by overseas addiction recovery resorts.

Here are just 7 reasons as to why:

Highly professional establishments:

Luxury rehab resorts are staffed by professional, fully qualified staff that offer help with addiction problems. Such assistance will match, and in many cases better the services offered by similar establishments in your own country.

Guidelines for medical and counselling services offered adhere to global standards, and this is seen in the fact that some medical insurance companies acknowledge and accept certain overseas rehabilitation resorts in their personal insurance cover.

Minimal waiting lists:

This is an extremely important point. Addiction to any substance turns your life into a daily struggle and what seems like a constant search for your next high.

Any person who has finally ‘hit the wall’, admitted to themselves and their loved ones that their drink or drugs problem is now out of control deserves credit.

What they do not deserve is to pluck up courage, contact a local or in-country rehabilitation centre, or go via their health practitioner to make such arrangements, and then be told “Yes, we understand you have a problem. We should be able to take you as an inpatient in around 4-6 months”.

How discouraging does that sound? It is enough to make any addict think “Ah well, I may as well have another Toot and settle in for the wait!”

Many drug and alcohol professionals, ex-addicts and addicts alike feel that the only certain thing to come out of such a waiting list is deeper addiction.

Addiction recovery resorts do not work under such demanding constraints as those in your home country. Upon contact, and assuming suitability for treatment from both sides is agreed the addict can usually begin treatment within a few weeks of initial contact.

It cannot be expressed strongly enough how important it is for someone suffering from drug or alcohol dependence to have their problems addressed in as timely a manner as possible.

In a complete new environment:

Having taken the decision to do something about your addiction, does it not make sense to do so in a completely new, refreshing and idyllic setting?

While there will be routine, regular meals, physical exercise, counselling and group activities for each and every client, these will be held in surroundings that are extremely conducive to recovery.

This is a major turning point in your life and the more comfortable you feel, the more you will realise just exactly what your drug of choice is doing to your life and those around you, and the more determined you will become to do something about it.


Another issue that simply cannot be overlooked. It is understandable that many addicts may be hesitant to even consider addiction recovery resorts due to a fear that high fees will be the norm and thus way out of their reach.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The cost of inpatient rehab at such luxury resorts is far cheaper than similar rehabilitation centres in your own country.

Add to this the fact that certain insurance companies acknowledge and accept overseas rehabilitation centres as offering valid and certified treatment, and that they include such establishments as part of their personal medical insurance policies, and this should tell you that cost is most certainly not an issue.


Yet another vital piece in the addiction recovery jigsaw. Many professionals and ex-addicts place well organised aftercare programs as an essential part of success for recovering addicts.

The physical effects of withdrawal may well improve in a relative short period of time, but it is the psychological effects that must be taken into account over the long term if acceptance and recovery is to be achieved.

A professional overseas rehab establishment will offer a variety of flexible option in terms of aftercare. This flexibility will take into account your current home circumstances. Such attention to detail and scope of aftercare options has proved crucial in spurring on ex-addicts to their ultimate goal of getting clean and staying clean.

Addiction recovery resorts, strict and sensible treatment:

As addicts will explain all too freely, excessive drug or alcohol use is not the free ticket to Utopia many mistakenly believe in. They did not set out with the intention of becoming addicted to their drug of choice. It is not where they want to be, but it is where they are.

Coming off drugs or alcohol is no easy task, but it is certainly achievable.

Any addict who has taken the very brave step of confronting their addiction deserves all the help they can get. For sure there will be tough periods ahead, but caring, understanding and professional help from overseas addiction recovery resorts will give them the best chance of reaching their ultimate goal.

Such establishments have strict but sensible rules in place, these rules will be clearly explained and need to be understood as well as accepted before a person is welcomed for treatment.

They also have the right and the intention to challenge a recovering addict’s comments, thoughts and feelings over addiction issues. Such challenges are aimed at helping the addict understand the whys, wherefores and ‘big picture’ effects their addiction has caused.

Understanding the misery and despair an addicts substance abuse is causing to themselves and those they love is a very important step in the long term recovery process.

Important lessons will also be learnt relating to drug or alcohol avoidance situations. If a recovering addict is aware of situations that could put them at risk of relapse they will be in a position to take action to avoid such temptations.

Exotic settings, effective results:

We have only skimmed the surface of what addiction recovery resorts offer, but it is clear that many benefits are to be seen from these overseas inpatient rehabilitation programs.

Anyone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction would be well advised to consider such an establishment.

They are fully focused on assisting those with dependency issues in their quest to get clean, and just as importantly to stay clean for the foreseeable future.

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