The Bright Light Of Recovery – Let It Shine!

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Addiction Thrives In The Dark. It Lives In The Night. It Keeps You Covered In The Shade. 

In your addiction, you did everything under the cover of the darkness. The nighttime became your friend. It’s where you felt the most comfortable.

When the sun came up, it mocked you. It exposed you for what you were. You were an alcoholic or a drug addict who, just the night before, had sworn to yourself that you were only going to have a few drinks. Or take one hit. Or do one bag. But, despite your most sincere efforts – once again – you had pulled an all-nighter. The sun knew it and you couldn’t hide from it.  

Not only did you take advantage of the nighttime hours to conduct the business of being an addict or an alcoholic (which is not to say that you didn’t drink or drug during the day too), you relied on the proverbial darkness to keep your secrets.

Chances are, you engaged in some weird and unusual behaviors. Your addiction or alcoholism forced you to do things you’re not proud of now that you’re clean and sober. You had to hide who you were. You lived in the shadows. You needed the shade to survive.

Today, things are different.  

In Recovery, You Have To Befriend The Light

Now that you’re in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, you have to turn away from the darkness and allow your Higher Power to shine the Light on your spirit.

You have to be willing to reveal your secrets to your sponsor and the people in your support system or your secrets will keep you sick. You must practice a program of rigorous honesty and let people in. You simply must allow people to get to know who you are as a human being. It’s the only way to recover.

Where you once perceived the Light as your enemy, you must now embrace it as your friend. Of course, this is easier said than done. Being honest and open after closing yourself off from the rest of the world for so long can make you feel vulnerable and afraid.

At First The Light Is Blinding, But Then It’s Warm And Welcoming

It’s like when you sit in a dark room for an extended period of time and suddenly the lights get turned on. The experience is disorienting. You are momentarily blinded, and you can’t see. The light hurts, and it feels uncomfortable. You immediately want to turn those lights off and return to the darkness where it’s comfortable and safe.

But, after just a short time, you adjust to your new environment, which is warm and welcoming. Your vision is restored. You come to appreciate the light because it affords you the blessed opportunity to see things as they truly are. Although you didn’t like it at first, you become grateful for the light and all that it has to offer you.

If You’re Still Living In The Darkness, Let The Light In

If you’re still hiding in the darkness in your recovery, let the Light in. Start reaching out to other people and invite them to get to know who you truly are. Be honest about where you are at. Talk about what you are feeling and what’s really going on in your mind. Start sharing your true, authentic self. You will find freedom from the bondage of self that can only be found when you shine the Light on your dark places.

If you’re hiding in the darkness, you’re reserving a place for a relapse. That’s where addiction lives. Recovery only lives in the Light of Truth.   

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