Daniel's Testimonial


To the reader of this’s testimonial…today is my 4th week anniversary of being home after departing DARA’s program in Thailand.

I waited to write this to have a perspective of how I felt after essentially getting my life back. It feels great. I would say that going to DARA and working hard at the program was the single most important decision I have made in my adult life.

Not only have I managed to change my approach to substances – after 35 years of abuse – I feel that I have changed and continue to do so in a very fundamental way.

Why? Well, I’m still learning too. But I can say that at DARA, I received answers to questions about myself, my life and the way I was living my life that I had not even thought to ask – it became a lot more than just stopping my drinking though that is why I went.

What I learned at this wonderful place and full of caring people is still with me. And I continue to speak or write daily to those I met at DARA – we have become an intimate and supportive circle of friends from, literally, all over the world.

My one month of being clean, sober and happy after leaving DARA is my true’s testimonial that this program works. I had hardly gone a day without drinking for years and now I am at 10 weeks and expect to make this a lifetime behavioral change.

You won’t get through it without bumps and bruises, largely emotional of course. But it works.

I can’t give enough thanks to the entire staff of DARA that, while always professional, make you feel like family.

If you are in doubt about getting your life back – please don’t be. I can’t imagine a better program than the one DARA offers – go.

— Daniel

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