DARA Rehab Thailand

Dara Rehab Thailand

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Facing an addiction and making the decision to seek treatment is not easy for anyone. The tendency is to deny there is even a problem for as long as possible which is why so many people reach a state of near total devastation before they enter treatment. But once someone makes that critical decision that they have a substance abuse problem and they need treatment, the next step can be almost as terrifying. At Dara Rehab Thailand, the decision is made easy.

First of all, Dara is a not a 12 step recovery program. We recognize that the 12 step program is not for everyone and that is why we have built our recovery program on scientifically proven methods for addiction recovery. What is more, Dara offers a comprehensive program of recovery. One that does not rely on any single method for treating addiction.

Since addiction is a complex issue, one that is physiological and psychological. We offer a range of treatments which address all of these aspects of addiction treatment and recovery. Dara Thailand utilizes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person-centered Therapy, and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy depending on the individual needs of each patient. We recognize that no one comes to treatment with exactly the same set of problems. Patients are wrestling with addiction to different substances, for one thing, and the treatment program for one substance addiction will not necessarily be adequate for another substance addiction. Each of these therapies addresses different aspects of the emotional and psychological distress of addiction. There are a host of other psychological therapy options depending on the individual needs of the addicted person. All of these therapies are aligned with mindfulness and meditation in order to facilitate the psychological and emotional needs of people struggling with addiction.

Dara Rehab Thailand also offers a full physical evaluation. We determine the individual medical needs of patients as the enter treatment. The range of physical rehabilitation includes Thai massage and a physical activity program which takes account of the abilities and needs of each patient.

Treatment at Dara also includes psycho-educational programs which are geared toward addressing other physical and emotional needs patients may contend with such as chronic pain, diabetes, and other physical issues. Some of which may have contributed to the addiction problem in the first place. These are coupled with individual counseling and one-on-one therapy programs so that patients are able to work in group counseling. As well as deal with some problems and issues in a private consultation with health care professionals.

Finally, Dara includes family counseling as an integral part of the overall treatment program. Addiction impacts all aspects of a person’s life and often the family has suffered the most during the course of a person’s substance abuse problems. Family counseling at Dara works with the other psychological counseling programs so that the damage to the family can begin to be repaired. Addiction treatment is a long-term program and it includes much more than just the addicted person.

Needless to say, the tropical island environment of Dara Rehab Thailand in itself offers an ideal place to find the peace and calm necessary for addiction recovery.

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