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Do You Have A Drug Problem In Dubai?

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Dubai’s Drug Laws Make People Afraid To Get Help    

If you live in Dubai, you know how strict the laws are when it comes to using, possessing, or selling drugs. You can get a minimum two-year drug sentence for possessing even the smallest amount illegal substances. Or even be thrown in jail if you are even suspected of using drugs.

Those who live in Dubai are terrified of admitting they have an addiction to drugs – and rightfully so. Although drug laws in Dubai have recently changed to encourage drug addicts to get the help they so desperately need by going to treatment. In years gone by, this option was not available. Nevertheless, most people in Dubai do not trust these new laws. They don’t feel safe coming forward to get addiction treatment, which is completely understandable. 

Despite What You May Have Been Told, You Are Not A Bad Person

Because the drug laws in Dubai are so strict, the common idea in the area is that drug addicts are bad people. Most people who live in Dubai believe people who have a substance abuse problem should be punished. They fail to realize that addiction is a complex brain disorder that has absolutely nothing to do with character or morality.

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs, we want you to understand that you are not a bad person for having this issue. You are a flawed human being who has a problem that requires a solution. That solution is addiction treatment. Stop beating yourself up and carrying around all that shame and guilt. Millions of people around the world have the same problem you do, and they have learned to live and enjoy a life in recovery. You can too.

DARA Thailand Is Here To Help Addicts In Dubai Find Freedom From Addiction

If you live in Dubai and you have a drug problem, we are here to help. Though it may surprise you, you should know that many people come to DARA Thailand from Dubai. We are the best addiction treatment services in Southeast Asia. DARA offers an affordable luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that provides quality care from clients all over the world.

We understand that your confidentiality and privacy is important to you and we understand why. Our counselors know that those who struggle with a drug addiction are often shunned by the people of Dubai – even close friends and family members. DARA can promise you that when you come and stay with us, no one has to know about it. Your stay at DARA will be between you and our treatment team.

Call Us Today For a Free Consultation

If you live in Dubai and you want to get help for a problem with addiction, please contact us 24 hours a day. You can talk to one of our addiction experts and we can tell you what your treatment options are.  

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