Do You Have a Substance Abuse Problem? We are Here to Help!

Do You Have a Substance Abuse Problem? We are Here to Help!

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At DARA Thailand, We Want You To Know We’re Here To Help

Are you coming to terms with the fact that you may need help for a substance abuse problem? If you are finally getting real about your addiction and stepping out of denial, you have taken your first step on your exciting recovery journey. Be hopeful! You are on your way toward wholeness and healing. After all, you simply cannot fix a problem unless you first know that it exists.

You have probably wrestled with this decision for quite some time. Asking for help is difficult for most people – but this is especially true for those who have a substance abuse problem. No one wants to admit to themselves that they can’t handle their drug or alcohol use.

However; we want you to know that there is absolutely no shame in getting help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You cannot overcome this problem on your own. We are here to help.    

DARA Thailand Delivers Results In A Resort-Style Setting At A Price You Can Afford

Do You Have a Substance Abuse Problem? We are Here to Help! At this point, you may be considering checking yourself into a rehab to get help. You may have tried to quit using drugs or alcohol on your own many times – only to discover that you simply cannot stop on your own.

If you are thinking about getting rehabilitation, you want to make an informed decision. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Most places make elaborate promises about what they will do for you, but they don’t deliver. At DARA Thailand, we deliver on our promises.  

Here are ten reasons why DARA Thailand is the best choice for in-patient substance abuse treatment:

  1. DARA is fully licensed and accredited.
  2. We do not promote the 12-Step philosophy. We offer proven, evidence-based methods that focus on changing negative thought and behavior patterns.
  3. DARA is located on the stunning island of Koh Chang. Ours is a resort-style facility where you will have your own private quarters and luxury amenities.
  4. We offer you the services of a physical trainer and promote physical exercise into our treatment programs We will teach you about the mind-body connection.
  5. You will receive one-on-one counseling sessions to address all of your personal needs.
  6. We have an outstanding team of addiction experts and mental health professionals who live right here in Thailand.
  7. You will enjoy amazing gourmet meals prepared by some of Thailand’s finest chefs. Meals are included in our package price.
  8. You will receive regular Thai massages that relax the mind, body, and soul.
  9. You will participate in super fun activities like elephant trekking, yoga, and Thai cooking classes.
  10. We are a very affordable luxury rehabilitation center and we accept insurance from some of the world’s most common providers.

Don’t Delay, Call DARA Thailand And Get The Help You Need

If you are ready to get help for your addiction, please contact us today. We are available 24/7 to take your call and prepare for your arrival.

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