Ice Damage to Body

Effects of ICE on the Human Body

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Crystal methamphetamine, ice, now reigns as the most destructive drug in Australia. The purest of the methamphetamines, ice is more potent and addictive on the body and mind than other illicit drugs, and compromises the brain, causing users to engage in violence.

When ice is ingested by the human body, within 30 minutes the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls pleasure from various stimuli such as alcohol, nicotine, food and sex. This process causes a sudden buzz which progresses to a euphoric high, that lasts between seven-to-24 hours.

At this point, addiction kicks in, as the pre-euphoric high can no longer be replicated, and users can only maintain the sense of pleasure through ongoing stimulation, or drug use, thereby creating addiction.

Ice acts on three centres of the brain compared to just one with most drugs, allowing users to become highly stimulated and more likely to experience a heart attack, as their heart pumps faster and the perception of their environment alters.

Ice users also produce an increased amount of serotonin which regulates sleep, mood and appetite. Worryingly, the drug also activates high release of noradrenalin, causing users to feel anxious, suspicious and at heightened risk of being aggressive and getting into fights.

Ultimately, treatment is highly recommended, for most users end up feeling depressed, as their normal production levels of dopamine wear out.

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