Eight Gifts You Will Enjoy In Recovery

Eight Gifts You Will Enjoy In Recovery

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Do you have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, gambling or shopping? If so, you may be wondering what recovery is like. We understand that making the decision to give up your addiction can be a scary time, but it shouldn’t be. Addiction is a cunning enemy of life that will rob you of your future, steal your joy, and kill your dreams. Recovery is a beautiful experience that promises hope, joy, and freedom.

Here are eight gifts you will enjoy in recovery:
  1. You will feel better about yourself. Substance abuse and behavioral addictions like gambling, pornography, or compulsive shopping can leave you in a perpetual state of feeling guilty and ashamed. When you get into recovery, your dignity and self-respect is restored. You feel good when you don’t engage in your addiction and pursue all the negative, self-defeating behaviors that come with it.
  1. Your relationships with the people you love and care about will be healed. Addiction destroys families and friendships. That is the nature of the beast. When you stop indulging in addictive behaviors, you will find that your relationships begin to improve. People will start to trust you again and they will want to be around you.
  1. You will save money. No matter what your addiction is, it has probably cost you a lot financially. Drugs and alcohol are expensive. So is gambling and sexual addiction. Chances are, you lost count a long time ago when it comes to how much money you were spending on your addiction. Get into recovery and your bank balance will thank you.
  1. You will start building a foundation for a positive future. What you do today impacts what will happen tomorrow. When you invest in an addiction today, you pave the way for a lousy tomorrow. When you engage in positive, healthy, uplifting activities today, you set yourself up for a tomorrow you can enjoy. Having an addiction guarantees destruction in all areas of your life. Being in recovery promises hope and healing.
  1. You will learn to love yourself. When you have an addiction, you hate yourself. You compromise your values and sacrifice everything in your life that matters. Recovery teaches you to have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. You begin to enjoy your own company and you start feeling comfortable in your own skin.
  1. No more regret when you wake up in the morning. When you are addicted, you will do just about anything to pursue your next fix. This makes it hard for you to look yourself square in the eye when you look in the mirror. When you are in recovery, you make choices you are proud of. You look forward to getting out of bed in the morning instead of dreading facing the new day.
  1. You make time to pursue your dreams. Everyone has a dream – some goal that they want to accomplish in this life. Addiction robs you of your ability to pursue your dreams because all you are concerned with is meeting the demands of your addiction. When you get into your recovery, you have the time and resources to go after what your heart desires.

These are just a few of the gifts recovery has to offer. Are you ready to stop wasting your life away in your addiction? Don’t you want to enjoy a life where you can feel good about yourself and your decisions? We can help.  

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