Why Escaping Your Old Life During Early Recovery Helps

Why Escaping Your Old Life During Early Recovery Helps

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Why Escaping Your Old Life During Early Recovery Helps

Recovery is not getting clean and sober. Recovery is not an overnight or even a month-long process. It’s a journey that not only leaves a person clean and sober, but starts the pathway to a healthier mind, body, and soul. The pathway to recovery is different for everyone. Some may land in a jail cell and be forced to clean out. Some may choose inpatient rehab, some out patient group, and some may face an intervention. No matter where the journey starts, the goal is the same. To reset your life in a healthy way.

After Rehab

It can be extremely hard to get clean alone or even without an inpatient facility, even short term. This article will focus on those who have gone the route of rehab. Rehab facilities tend to help with the hardest part of beginning recovery, detox. This type facility will offer counseling, group, nutritional, and medical guidance that will help an individual will need. Especially in the early days. Rehab takes you away from the day to day environment that was so much a part of your personal addiction. This is in part why rehab facilities are successful.

The first three months of sobriety after rehab are by far the toughest. This is a challenging time in recovery as you move from the protected, drug free environment of a facility and back into day to day life. The majority of relapses tend to occur in this time period, so you must be prepared. You may feel strong enough to walk back into your life, but visiting the same people and places while seeing the same sights, may be triggering. Not all hope is lost, some people are successful after their first stint in rehab, but it takes some planning and work on your part.

Change Your Environment

While completely packing up and moving to a new town to start over may not be a financially possible option, but changing some daily things can be massively helpful. First, start a new routine. Staying busy will keep your mind from focusing on drugs and alcohol. This will also help you avoid dangerous triggers since you will be choosing activities that are very different from previous activities.

Throughout this busy time, it is crucial you keep in contact, preferably daily, with your support system. This also includes finding a therapist that can help you through the toughest parts of your week, one you trust and will be honest with over time. A large part of this time in recovery should be devoted to physical health. This will not only help your body continue to heal, but will improve your mindset and bring about clearer thinking. This means regular exercise and healthy eating are important.

Next, know the value of distance in recovery. Though it may seem cold, now is the time to cut out those in your life that are using or encouraged your using, completely. You must become somewhat self-centered as you focus on yourself and your life and getting them back in order. You will have to put yourself out into the world to make new friends, possibly a new living situation if drugs are present, and new hobbies. This can be overwhelming, but your life is worth the challenge.

Final Thoughts

Why Escaping Your Old Life During Early Recovery Helps

Finally, if you do fail or if you are just starting on the journey, find a rehab in another area, state, or even country. In the early stages it is important to get away from the familiar so you can reset your life. If you are looking for an affordable quality facility DARA has places all around the world. Take the next step, you are worth it.

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