Finding Independence in Recovery

Finding Independence in Recovery

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Recovery can begin in a number of manners. Some may be forced into rehab through legal matters, some may go to rehab willingly, a few may decide to quit cold turkey, and even fewer still may have the help of family and friends to quit using without outside help. No matter how your journey begins, if it is still going than you are probably thinking about how much you want to change your life or even how much it needs to change. Taking the first step of admitting you have an issue and seeking help is definitely the first step to independence, but there is much more to come as you move forward in your journey. Read on to learn about some of the common obstacles to independence that are faced by addicts.

There are many obstacles that are common to a large number of addicts. The three biggest are lack of good employment, lack of safe housing, and usually lack of a license. When you are willing to start working toward independence it is often like having to grow up again. You must learn to be an adult with all the related responsibilities. Those with severe addictions have often forgotten or ignored these responsibilities for a length of time. Finding employment or better employment can be a strong first step to independence. This will mean taking time to clean yourself up, create a resume, and put in applications. It may take a week or even a month to find employment, but you should keep trying.

Do not be afraid to take something temporarily if completely unemployed. This will allow you to start making money toward independence and serve the dual purpose of keeping your mind and hands busy so the focus is no longer on what you have given up.

Often as part of employment you will need a form of transportation, for many this means earning back a license. You may need to save up to pay fines, study to renew an expired license, or deal with classes to remove points from a license. This may seem impossible but it is a huge step forward in independence. Another huge step is to find appropriate and safe housing. You may currently be without a home or living in a less than desirable situation, as you gain independence and time in recovery you can work toward safe and affordable housing. Search for a place away from those who will feed your addiction as long term recovery is the goal.

These are just a few big ways to find independence in recovery and each will take time and work. There are often community resources that can help short term if needed. The end game is to create an addiction free life for yourself that you can be proud of in life. This will be different for everyone and will require different steps. Don’t put it off any longer, write out what you need to be independent and start setting goals. The time to start is now.

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