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Grey Death – Russian Roulette With Your Life!

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Those who experiment with newly introduced street substances like Grey Death, are finding out that this one in particular is a potential killer.

Authorities have named the new designer drug ‘Grey Death’ due to the colour of this potentially lethal substance, and warned that its grainy mixture increases the risk of serious health issues with some users already paying the ultimate price.

Working around current drug bans:

Ruthless overseas drug labs will concoct any number of new chemical combinations in efforts to get around a country’s current drug bans, but what is known about Grey Death is that it contains the highly dangerous carfentanil.

Make no mistake, minute quantities of this drug can kill, and have already done so.

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You do not know what you are purchasing:

Please do not believe the street drug sellers when they describe the ‘contents’ of the bag you are purchasing.

While there is a strong likelihood they will have added fillers of their own to make the stash go further and to increase profit margin, they will have as much of an idea as you do about what the original consignment of the substance they are selling contains.

Not knowing what you are purchasing can lead to serious reactions when a substance is taken. At best, it could send you fleeing to the Emergency treatment facility at your local hospital, at worst it will be an early and untimely journey to the morgue.

Widespread opioid abuse makes detection more difficult:

Due to the increasingly widespread problems of opioid abuse and addiction it is no easy task for officials to pinpoint exactly which chemical is the cause of serious reactions and the death of some users.

Tests on seized substances may well show only one substance as being present when in reality there are others that are as damaging, if not more.

Same, similar, but very different:

Drug enforcement units are aware of a similar street drug that has been around for over 5 years now. This comes by the name of ‘Pink’, but Grey Death is in a league all by itself due to the fact that traces of the potentially fatal carfentanil are contained.

The likelihood of heroin in the mix:

It is also very important for those who dabble in new designer drugs to understand that the chances of heroin being included are very strong indeed.

Heroin is dangerous enough on its own and for this reason many users purposely avoid it, but the underlying risks taken when using a newly introduced drug is that you are unwittingly introducing yourself to heroin.

The onset of heroin addiction can be rapid. If a person is looking for a fast-track to deep dependence and addiction then heroin is the perfect provider.

The amount of Carfentanil that can cause an overdoes
The amount of Carfentanil that can cause an overdoes is significantly smaller than most drugs.

Think long and hard before experimentation:

Those looking for highs from illegal substances would be well advised to think long and hard before they try Grey Death or any similar grainy substances offered.

What may appear to be the promise of a higher than high ‘high’ may well turn into a low that will stay with the user for the rest of their lives, or prematurely end it!

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