Ultra-High Net Worth: Addiction and Risk to Reputation

Ultra-High Net Worth: Addiction and Risk to Reputation

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Ultra-High Net Worth: Addiction and Risk to Reputation

What Defines Addiction

Addiction is one of those terms that we hear almost on the daily basis. In current times addiction can be applied to everything. Anything from technology to drugs and alcohol. While this may seem almost too encompassing, it is true. However, not all addictions are recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA). But those that are and several that are not can still be treated.

Addiction is defined by the APA as a complex condition. A brain disease, that is manifested by compulsive use despite the harmful consequences. While APA focuses on substances, the definition is expanding to include compulsive behaviors and things. Though this is not yet official. There are many signs and symptoms of addiction. The most prevalent is knowing that there is an issue. A compulsion, or a need for something that is causing pain or problems, but being unable to stop. When an addiction is present, it affects all areas of life. All while using and often for a long time after the addiction has ceased. While this is not meant to be disheartening to the user. It is a reality check that many require.

Risking Your Reputation

Addiction is no respecter of person. No matter your health, social class, or how much money you have in the bank. Addiction can affect your life and reputation. This is not an often discussed area of addiction. But one that should be included when overcoming an addiction of any type. Below are a few of the possible ways that addiction can alter your reputation.


Addiction hurts you physically. This is true of substance abuse, alcohol, and several other forms of addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to risky behaviors. Such behaviors lead to diseases. Some incurable, and even overdose or death. Imagine having to explain to friends, family members, and employers that your health issues are drug related. This may get worse. Some health problems could lead to loss of employment due to days missed in relation to the addiction.

Additionally, any addiction affects your mental health. It is common for addicts to suffer from depression, anxiety, delusions, insomnia, and many more side effects. While having mental health issues no longer carries the stigma that it once did. Such issues alone could affect your reputation. All due to how you change in interacting with others.


Another area in which your reputation may be damaged is at home. Drug and substance abuse are costly. This can lead to financial issues. Also inability to pay basic bills. All because the addiction is winning. Your financial future could easily be ruined by an addiction. The addiction may also make it difficult to get or keep a job. This may lead to illegal acts to support the habit. This can easily lead to jail. This will certainly negatively affect reputation very quickly as arrests are made public.

Furthermore, the reputation you once held with family and friends can be negatively impacted by addiction. This is in part due to lying about the addiction. Spending time away to take part in the addiction, and in many cases stealing to support a habit.

Seeking Help

Ultra-High Net Worth: Addiction and Risk to Reputation

The list of possible damages to your reputation or the reputation of those around you due to addiction is endless. If you find yourself suffering from an addiction, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get help. Your reputation can be repaired over time. But you cannot if you do not receive help. When you are ready, give DARA or another facility a call to get the help you richly deserve. A simple phone call can save your life.

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