Illegal Drugs Spreading Across Australia

Illegal Drugs Spreading Across Australia

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Illegal Drugs in Australia

There are several areas of Australia that are very remote. Even though these areas seem cut off from the general world, illegal drugs still seemingly find their way into the furthest of regions. How is this possible? Many are smuggled in according to police. Particularly by flight attendants and on planes. Furthermore, Australia has been struggling to contain the increase in drug related deaths that are related to the drugs smuggled in through different means. Australia’s remote regions are also heavy buyers on the darknet where many people sell drugs. Both prescription and illegal, online.

What is the Darknet?

A darknet market is a commercial website on the web that operates via darknets like Tor or I2P. These are most often black markets that sell or broker transactions involving illegal substances or items, like drugs, weapons, or stolen credit cards. Many people in remote areas choose to order illegal drugs from different online sources. But this holds dangers beyond the illegal aspect. When ordering drugs online there is always a chance of being caught as personal information does have to be shared.  The buyer must give an address for the order to be delivered.

Since darknet sites are targeted and shut down on the daily basis, someone could order, pay, and never receive their drugs. There is no way to get a refund or even track down the original seller since it was an illegal activity. There is also a concern that if the order is sent, there is no real way to know what is sent. A person may be ordering prescription drugs without a prescription and the pills received may look right, but that does not mean the ingredients are what they should be. This creates a dangerous situation.

No longer are the days when it is easy to identify those who are buying or selling illegal drugs. The illegal drug trade has moved beyond dark alleyways and specific corners to digital stores and highly organized business organizations. Anyone could potentially be a drug dealer, manufacturer, or user and this is scarier than believing that a certain look or area can easily be identified as unsafe.

Children and Drug Use

As the drug world and industry changes, it becomes more accessible to children and adolescents. This can be overwhelming for parents who understand how easy it is to obtain drugs. Furthermore, how difficult it is to recognize who may not be aware of the signs to look for. There are a few ways to spot drug use in kids. This will be shared, but this should be shared with the knowledge that many children who experiment with drugs do not go on to become addicts. However, the earlier experimentation or use begins, the more likely that an addiction will develop or, in the least, make that person more vulnerable to addiction over time.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is the use of drugs, legal or illegal, for pleasure or for reasons other than why prescribed. It refers to a person who has become dependent on that drug in a physical or psychological manner, or both. For some drugs this can only take one use, like with heroin. However for other drugs an addiction may never begin. Signs of drug use in children and teens include:

  • A dramatic change in appearance (This is more than teenage experimenting with a look)
  • Health issues that are unexplained
  • New friends that appear to be using
  • A need or want for increased privacy (includes not wanting a parent to touch their book bag, purse, or room)
  • Drug paraphernalia or actual drugs found
  • Poor grades in school or behavioral problems that are new or getting worse
  • Strong peer influence
  • A change in attitude at home (hostile, irritable, or uncooperative – beyond normal teenage rebellion)
  • Lying about whereabouts
  • Symptoms such as bloodshot eyes, sore throats, runny nose, weight changes
  • Memory issues
  • Changes in sleep patterns, moods, and eating
  • Unusual, typically bad, odor (associated with drugs like pot, alcohol, inhalants, or meth)
  • Pupil changes that are not normal for the setting (pinpoint in dim light, dilated in bright light)

These signs may not be noticeable at first and some may not even be related to drug use as teenagers go through periods of transition, but when several appear at the same time, it is time to take action. This can be talking openly, getting the child drug tested, and if necessary, finding an appropriate rehab.

Potential Causes of Drug Use

While there is no sure-fire way to determine whether a child or adult will or will not use drugs over time, there are some factors that may create a higher risk of use. These include:

  • Too little supervision and monitoring by parents
  • Poorly communicated family and home rules about drug use
  • Lack of communication
  • Inconsistent or excessively severe discipline
  • Family conflict
  • Parental permissiveness around drug or alcohol use
  • Mental disorders and/or issues
  • Parents who abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Poor academic achievement
  • High need for risky behavior
  • Low income family or chance of success

Finding Help

Illegal Drugs Spreading Across Australia

No matter how drugs enter your home or life, seeking help as early as possible is necessary for long term success. DARA offers an in-patient rehab facility with numerous locations in Australia and beyond. With locations in Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane, and Sydney, as well as other countries, DARA can help get you started on the road to long term recovery.

DARA focuses on the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat addiction. This is paired with proper nutrition as prepared by top area chefs, physical activity, and meditation, massage, and periods of relaxation. There is also an education component as patients learn about the science and psychology behind addiction. These components working together can help individuals understand addiction and gain tools to stay in recovery upon returning home. Best of all, an in-patient facility offers a chance for an individual to get out of their daily environment where drugs and certain people are present. It is almost impossible to get and stay clean if the environment is not changed. If you or a loved one is in need of treatment, then DARA can help, but you have to make the first move by placing a call.

CLICK HERE to get a Free Confidential Addiction Rehabilitation Assessment. Alternatively, you can click on the live chat icon to chat with someone right now.

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