Time for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Knowing When it’s Time for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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Knowing When it’s Time for Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Signs of a Problem

Drug and alcohol addiction can be a sensitive subject. Unfortunately, it can also be a subjective judgment call when it comes to time for drug and alcohol rehab. While some people feel having a single drink nightly signifies addiction, others may feel that drinking all weekend, every weekend is perfectly normal. The truth is that these can both be signs of addiction and typical behavior. So how do you know when it is time to seek outside help? Read on to learn the answers.

When deciding whether a substance abuse problem actually exists there are some criteria you may choose to look at and compare to your own life. These are similar criteria a professional would use to determine a problem.


The first area is behavioral problems. This is related to a person’s relationships with the outside world and others. Some of these signs include obsessive thoughts and actions, disregard of harm to others, loss of control, and denial or hiding of an addiction or use. Read on to understand these a bit better.

Obsessive thoughts and actions is a bit self explanatory. If you or the person you suspect is using becomes obsessed with their next score, rushing through or avoiding other activities to get the next drink or hit, then a problem could exist. Acquiring and using becomes a priority and other areas of life will suffer. This may happen gradually, but for an addict, it will happen.

Disregarding any harm that is caused is related to the first behavioral sign. The use of drugs and alcohol may be causing physical and mental distress to the user and loved one’s, but they will not acknowledge this fact. It may start out simple, like missing family dinners or getting drunk and ruining a party, but the harm will grow and the addict will not care because addiction has taken over.

Loss of Control

Loss of control is a big red flag. The user may wish to stop or even cut down, but is unable to do so. This typically leads to using more with the mindset of if I am going to use, I might as well use as much as I want. The addict may feel trapped, scared, and unable to ask for help.

Finally, and also a big red flag, is the denial of drug use even in the light of obvious evidence. A person may totally deny an addiction, state they have it under control, or lie about the amount of use. Some addicts may be lying to themselves as well about the amount they use. This can mean they are not ready to admit a problem, but it does not mean help is not available. This is a good time to seek drug and alcohol rehab.


There are also physical signs that may occur for users. The word may is used because not all addicts will display the same physical signs and symptoms. The most common physical signs of addiction are enlarged or small pupils, bloodshot eyes, insomnia, sudden weight gain or loss, and slurred speech. Some may additionally display unusual body odor, poor physical coordination, and an unkempt look. While for some this may be a medical issue, these are also signs of addiction. One step is to get medically cleared to make sure a physical ailment is not causing issues.

Getting Help: Time for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Time for Drug and Alcohol RehabIf these signs sound like you or a loved one, help is available. Don’t leave it too late when you feel like it’s time for drug and alcohol rehab. Whether you have been using consistently or are just starting, but know you need help, pick up the phone and make a call that could change your life for the better. Addiction does not happen in a vacuum and healing cannot be accomplished alone. Call DARA to start getting the help you need right away,.

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