LGBTQ Socialization, Marketing, and Addiction

LGBTQ Socialization, Marketing, and Addiction

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LGBTQ Socialization, Marketing, and Addiction. Addiction can affect anyone at any time. Addiction does not discriminate based on gender, sexuality, race, or religion. However, the marketing of items that can easily lead to addiction is very much focused on specific populations. The first thing that may come to mind is whether or not this is legal, but as long as the population being targeted is of consenting age then products can be sold in the manner a company chooses.


The most obvious way in which products are marketed are through commercials and ads online or in magazines. One of the most prominent is that of tobacco. It seems that when someone is seen smoking in an ad they are at a party or bar or in some other way having fun with friends. Companies want to make tobacco use look fun or cool, the thing to do to fit into the world you want to be part of in life. Additionally, once someone tries something like tobacco, the substances in the actual tobacco make it highly addictive. Ask any smoker and they will tell you that smoking relieves stress and is simply a part of their every day like. Much like breathing, smoking or using smokeless tobacco becomes a part of life.


The same is true of alcohol. Alcohol ads always have attractive people having fun, meeting others, and smiling in every photo or advertisement. Drinking may be a way to unwind after a long day, but it too can quickly lead to problematic behavior. Alcohol is shown being served in every setting from yachts to backyard barbecues and inside dive bars. Alcohol is available in gas stations, big box stores, and grocery chains. Next to tobacco it is one of the easiest items to find that can lead to addiction.

While advertising may not apply to illegal drugs the culture remains the same. Anyone trying to sell drugs will offer the potential user a picture of happiness, serenity, and a pleasant experience. For some this may initially be true, but addiction can become an issue after the first time.

LGBTQ Advertising Tricks

This may seem like a trick of advertisers and users but this can be applied to a specific subculture, that of LGBTQ. Many ads are targeted at this culture and part of the population, promising that drinking, smoking, and much more will lead to a happy time in life. This enhances the draw to bars and social gatherings in which drug and alcohol use is acceptable and often expected. Many believe this allows those who are LGBTQ to relax and allow themselves to be who they are without judgment. Unfortunately, this form of relaxation can lead to addiction. If you or someone you know has been taken in by addiction then finding the right way to get treatment may take some research. This is especially true of those who consider themselves LGBTQ.

There are specific rehabs available for LGBTQ individuals that can meet the needs specific to this population. Know that addiction is not your fault, but moving beyond addiction is your choice.

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