Overcoming Anxiety Alcohol Free

Overcoming Anxiety Alcohol Free

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Overcoming Anxiety Alcohol Free

Addiction is nothing to laugh about. Whether you were addicted to drugs or alcohol, being in recovery can be a stressful time. One of the biggest issues faced by those in recovery is dealing with the anxiety that accompanies the changes you are facing. The hardest challenge being overcoming anxiety.

Even prior to recovery, every day issues like bills, families, a job, and responsibilities probably brought on anxiety. But at that point alcohol was likely the answer to the anxiety. If you have made the choice to live addiction free, knowing how to deal with anxiety is important. Below you will find several ways to overcome anxiety without alcohol.

Scream and Shout

Talking can help relieve some anxiety, but sometimes you just need to get the stress out quickly. Do not be afraid to find a spot and scream and shout. Even though we were likely told as children not to be loud, as adults we can make the rules. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, and like you are going to explode, then let your inner warrior out by screaming and throwing a little fit. This is not and should not be directed at anyone, in fact it is best if you are alone so you can really let out those feelings.

You may feel a little weird doing this at first, but keep trying. Try screaming and shouting into a pillow if others are in the house, go outdoors and throw rocks at a lake, stomp your feet, and pound your chest, but get the anger and anxiety out. If you cry that is fine, take a few minutes to exhaust your energy. After you are finished, then gather yourself and go back to deal with the problem at hand.

Get Moving

This one may be a little obvious, but it is highly effective. If you can get out and get moving then the body will produce dopamine that will both relax you and make you feel better. Go for a jog, take a brisk walk alone, or even go for a swim. Even ten to fifteen minutes will help you relax and calm down. If anger accompanies your anxiety, then try something a bit more harsh like punching a punching bag, hitting balls at a batting cage, or even bouncing a ball on the ground. Take out frustrations on the heavy bag or on the sidewalk as you run. Your body will benefit and your mind can relax.

Get Healthy

While you may not want to lose a ton of weight and you could be pretty healthy, making some small healthy changes can actually help limit your anxiety. First, take a caffeine break. This does not mean add caffeine to your day, but remove or greatly reduce it. Caffeine can make you anxious and if you are overcoming anxiety it will make it worse. You should also not skip a meal as being hungry can make you anxious and more likely to drink. As an added bonus, give yourself a set bedtime. It may not seem like it will help, but having a set time that you hit the sack can keep anxiety at bay.

Learn to be OK with No

As your life gets back on track you may find yourself overwhelmed by things to do. To reduce your anxiety, learn that it is OK to say no. Everyone declines at some point, but the happiest people know that their time is valuable and should be spent in a way they need and deserve. Saying no does not make you a bad person, it makes you smart and much less anxious. Simply say no and walk away, you do not owe anyone an explanation.

Take Time to Play

Children are rarely anxiety ridden like many adults, so take some time to be childlike and play. Do something that makes you smile without alcohol. Sing out loud, dance to nothing, color a picture. Whatever makes you happy without alcohol, go do it.


Overcoming Anxiety Alcohol Free

Alcohol was once your coping mechanism, but there are other simple changes that can take away anxiety just as well. The best news is, these techniques are all free and can be done at any time each day. So not only are you feeling better, you are saving money and overcoming anxiety. Your body and mind will thank you for taking the time to simply relax.

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