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Finding and Knowing Your Purpose

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Purpose In Recovery – Addiction is a thief, but one we often invite into our lives and cannot seem to get rid of in a timely manner. Addiction steals purpose, truth, and many other things, feelings, and emotions. These things are not truly missed until recovery begins and then it may be slightly overwhelming for some. The good news is that even in this desperate time you can find a purpose that will lead to a better life.

Many people are not happy in their lives, this includes addicts. Those who are happy tend to know their purpose and enjoy sharing it with others. The way to find your purpose is to answer a few questions about yourself. Five basic questions can aid you in discovering and moving toward your life purpose in recovery. The first two questions are about you: Who are you and what do you do? The last three questions are about those who will be affected by your purpose. Who do you do it for, what do these people want and need, and how have others changed as a result of what you do? If you do not have a purpose yet then you may have to answer the last few as what you hope to have happen.

Before you answer these questions know that those with a purpose tend to be focused on those they are helping or changing, not on themselves. Your purpose is to make a difference for others. When you find your purpose it will help others even if that is not your initial intention. Those with purpose want to share it and this in turn affects others. When in active addiction a purpose is usually singular, to gain access to your drug of choice. This also effects those around you, but in a negative way. Now that you understand what needs to be answered about a purpose here are some tips on how to find your personal purpose.

Life purpose in recovery is not an in your face thing, it is elusive, but can be found by putting one foot in front of the other until you simply know what your life’s purpose happens to be. Purpose tends to evolve over time. Your purpose may begin small, but can grow exponentially with time and effort. Your purpose tends to emerge from experience. Use what you know to help others in your purpose, but be willing to adjust as needed. Your purpose will become clear at the exact right time for you as you are eminently qualified to your purpose in life. As you search for this purpose enjoy the adventure. You may have bumps along the way, but once your purpose is found you can do great things.

Though purpose in recovery is important do not get too stressed about finding yours, it will become clear in time. Simply be present in the moment and delight in watching it unfold. This is important whether you are in recovery or just trying to find more meaning in your life.

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