Some Questions That Addicts Try to Avoid

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If you have ever had the chance to speak to an addict you will quickly realize they are just as human as anyone else. They have their fears, aspirations, dreams and a closet full of skeletons. We all have things we decide to hide from plain view, be it to keep something intimate and all yours, or perhaps because it would cause shame to you or people you associate with. An addict is a secretive individual by design. Society deems drug use a poor life choice and with it comes judgment and shaming. As such, there are a lot of secrets in an addicts head and even more questions that they will always try to avoid. Let’s narrow down a few of the most popular ones.

What drugs do you use?

Unless the drug of their choice is something relatively harmless as marijuana, an addict will not give up his poison of choice easily. Cocaine has fallen from its “cool” status for many years. Miami Vice and Scarface did a lot to popularize the drug, but these days it carries negative connotations. Crystal meth, heroin or some type of prescription painkillers – all of them are hard drugs and most addicts will not be proud of using them.

How much do you use?

The biggest caveat to drug use is that they are all moreish. Some more than others but all of them make the addict crave more. It could be more per hit, or just more hits in a shorter period of time. An addict that started off with a hit or two a day for recreational purposes can find himself spending most of his conscious hours looking for the money for their drug or looking for the drug itself. Either way, an addict is not proud of his consumption rate of the drug. It may be a badge of honor among guys to see how many bottles of beer can he chug, but for addicts having the need to use more than some would deem appropriate is a topic they usually try to avoid.

Where do you get your drugs?

An experienced addict could be a secret agent in some government agency or a detective. They have honed their skills at shaking followers and covering their routes to their dealer out of pure necessity. Drugs are illegal and buying them from a shady guy somewhere is just as illegal if not more, depending on your local laws. An addict has probably established a long-lasting relationship with his dealer, he sells regularly and probably offers some kind of discount. Losing this contract could mean days or even weeks without their drug which is a big problem for any addict, so they do their best not to reveal their sources.

Where do you get your drug money?

As mentioned earlier selling and buying drugs is highly illegal in most countries. The punishment for being caught doing either of these things can vary depending on the country but generally, it’s no walk in the park. That, however, does not stop most hardcore addicts who have already alienated their friends and family by stealing from them to resort to crime in order to acquire the funds necessary for their habit. When all that you own is pawned and when most people will not let you in their home for fear of being robbed most addicts turn to the prostitution of robberies. An addict who is hiding his addiction well could be robbing people at night and packing their groceries during the day. Whatever the case, they will rarely divulge their extra income that is dedicated to drug-related expenses.

How much money do you spend on drugs?

An aspiring addict may boast about the great price he got for that first dime-bag or couple of rocks of meth. When the addiction really sets in the amount of drugs needed to stay on that wave increases each time. Buying more and more each time, eventually, an addict will begin stealing money from friends or family, selling their prized possessions or turn to criminal activities to keep up their expensive habit. When you feel like you had to sell a piece of jewelry that meant a lot to you just to get your next hit, you have hit a new low. Generally, no addict will reveal to you how much it costs to keep up, which is a shame really because if more people knew the physical and moral bankruptcy that awaits them down the  road, a lot fewer people would begin the trip.


The list of questions addicts would rather avoid answering goes on and on. The ones mentioned above are the most prominent and important ones, though. As an addict in recovery, all of these and much more uncomfortable truths will have to be faced. Consider this, the sooner an addict realizes the mistake they are making, the fewer of these questions they will have to answer.

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