Recovery From Binge Eating

Recovery From Binge Eating

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Recovery From Binge Eating Can Be A Complicated Matter

When someone has a drug or alcohol addiction and they get into recovery, it’s pretty straightforward – no drugs or alcohol allowed. For an addict or alcoholic, this is what sobriety is all about. One day at a time, it’s about learning to live life without taking drugs or drinking alcohol to cope with painful feelings or the emotional stressors of daily living.

When you suffer from binge eating and you make the decision to get into recovery for your problem, things aren’t so simple. You have to eat food to survive, so you can’t simply remain abstinent from eating. In other words, you can’t make the decision to stay sober from food. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. Recovery from binge-eating is measured differently, which can make things seem much more complicated.

Food Functions As A Drug For Binge Eaters 

For those who struggle with binge-eating, recovery can be much more difficult than it is for those with a substance abuse problem. The addict or alcoholic simply stops using their drug of choice. With every sober day that passes, they celebrate one more day clean and sober. But, those who have an eating disorder have to learn to have a healthy relationship with their “drug of choice.” In no uncertain terms, for a binge-eater, food functions as a type of drug. Those who have this disorder must manage cravings and triggers as they continue to eat.

Imagine how difficult this would be for a cocaine addict! Imagine if we told them, “Here is some cocaine….. but, you can only use a certain amount. Good luck!” It would be impossible! This is how it feels for a binge-eater. Someone who abuses food to escape or uses it to get “high” doesn’t know how to only use a certain amount. Learning how to change eating habits can be quite challenging – and it can’t be done alone.

Recovery From Binge Eating Is Possible

This is not to say that it is impossible to enjoy recovery from an eating disorder. Quite the contrary! If you struggle with binge-eating, you can learn to have a healthy relationship with food and learn to eat properly. You can change the way you think about food and stop treating it as a drug. Food is designed to be fuel for the body. It is not supposed to function as a substance that helps you cope or escape from life’s difficulties.

At DARA Thailand, we specialize in treating behavioral addictions such as binge-eating. Our world-class program offers specialized counselors, focus coordinators, and an inpatient facility that was once a beautiful spa, which has been reengineered as a rehabilitation facility.

Our team of highly-skilled licensed addiction experts teach those who suffer from binge-eating the necessary skills to stop the destructive cycle of overeating. If you want to find freedom from binge-eating, DARA Thailand is the place to do it. Here, you will receive specialized care that will improve the mind-body-soul connection so you can learn to love yourself and treat yourself well. When you love yourself, you are kind to your body. You stop abusing food and establish healthy boundaries when it comes to eating.

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