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Addiction is a destructive force. Be it in the life of the addict himself or those that care for him. It has the tendency to take while conjuring an elaborate illusion of giving. An addiction is a double edged sword no matter which way you turn it. The drugs give you pleasure while destroying the very brain cells and receptors that govern the feeling of pleasure. They give you the confidence to interact with people while pushing everyone that ever wanted to talk with you further away. A vicious cycle with no end if left to its own devices. In the end, there is very little left of the person the addict once was.

Rehab and new beginnings

There may come a moment in any addict’s life when he does not recognize himself when looking in the mirror or at the things he is doing just get by. Lost house, lost friends, lost sense of self-respect.

Lost sense of self.

This is where a professional rehabilitation center can do wonders for anyone who feels lost or dead inside. It can help renew the addict’s sense of himself and the person he is through a few key things that are nigh unattainable in the environment that led you to addiction in the first place.


While being quite obvious, as this is the very premise of a rehab, getting clean and finally looking at the world around you without the drug-induced haze of indifference has been a lifesaver for thousands of addicts that are on their way to recovery. Looking back at addict life with sober eyes is a very life changing event for anyone who made the step and committed to an inpatient rehab and finished the detoxification course.

One step at a time.

One of the first and most important things a rehab provides to a recovering addict is substance and structure in life. It is achieved at first by learning to set and achieve various goals. These goals set with cooperation between the addict and his counselor. At first, these goals may be small and seemingly insignificant, yet the truth is in the eye of the beholder and only a recovering addict and his counselor knows the significance of simple goals achieved through hard work and perseverance. Step by step the addict learns that there is a future ahead for him and his addiction no longer will affect how it plays out. We all wanted to be somebody when we were kids. In rehab, you are given a chance to think in much the same way. Rehab teaches the addict he can get clean, stay clean and achieve anything.

Trust and guidance.

To truly trust someone is no easy thing. Even more so for an addict since chronic paranoia is among the most popular side-effects of prolonged abuse of various drugs. It takes time, but the addict learns to not only trust someone but also let them help and provide guidance. Certified psychologists, counselors, and therapists that are the centerpiece of any recovery plan aid the addict and provide much needed moral and mental support while addict is searching for himself.

Me, myself and I.

Addiction can cause the addict to lose any self-respect and sense of self-worth. It has the tendency to rationalize the abuse of drugs by destroying any shreds of self-esteem the addict ever had. Makes them feel like they deserve the end of the road they are heading for at break-neck speed. Even more so for those who tried to kick their habits but failed in their attempt. It turns into a macabre self-imposed punishment for many addicts. The groundwork of any rehab and their team is to renew the addict’s ability to believe. In future. In life. In themselves. Build their self-esteem through group therapy sessions and being appreciated for their opinions and thoughts. If the recovering addict believes in his own strength and abilities to stay clean, then they will. Addiction is almost entirely a battle of will. The actual physiological dependence is easy to treat in most cases, mental dependence and years of self-loathing not so much.


A rehab is a place for new beginnings. A place to turn over a new leaf and claim your own future. Until you don’t make that decision to check-in, it is being flushed away in drug-induced episodes of self-loathing, one second at a time. Take a step back and make a decision that will resonate with you for the rest of your life – admit your addiction and contact rehabilitation staff immediately.

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