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Dara is situated in a luxury resort and the accommodation reflects this. The Various levels of accommodation are excellent with air-conditioning, large comfortable beds and ample space. Housekeeping is daily, as is the laundry. The latter service was exceptional, and I could not fault it. Housekeeping on the whole was also excellent; except for the replacement of items like conditioner/body wash which was initially overlooked but merely a matter I think of staff training, All the villas are enveloped by trees and ferns in an extremely tranquil setting. Sea glimpses and beautiful sunsets provide a peaceful, harmonious and safe place for rehabilitation.

Having so many differing cultures and culinary need requirements; from such a variety of clients; would challenge even the most resourceful chef. The buffet style meals of predominately Thai/Asian origin are a tour of the local cuisine. However I was always amazed at the staff’s willingness to prepare separate dishes on short notice at the request of several clients; always with a smile, and a genuine desire to please with the outcome.

Suffice to say, that even as a holiday destination (excluding the value of the rehabilitation therapy) DARA represents exceptional value for money.

I would suggest that this must be one of the most cost effective treatments available. That stated it in no way detracts from the quality of therapy and care given, which is first rate.

DARA is currently going through a major growth period where I understand the client numbers are targeted to reach 30. Logistically and operationally there will obviously be teething problems, and further challenges to be met. However as an overall impression I feel the organization is dealing well with those challenges especially given the short time a lot of the staff have been on board

Impressions on the delivery of therapy are always going to be personal to each client. I can only relate to DARA through my reasons for coming, expectations and outcome.

I chose DARA for the CBT programme not withstanding that I did not have an in depth knowledge of the 12 step alternative. However I did like the idea of being able to retrain my thoughts and actions and to be able to come to terms with the reasons behind my addictive behavior.

The programme rewards a desire to learn and change

It provides a caring and safe environment to explore those issues, events and consequent behaviours that brought me to the point of finally seeking help.

I was challenged and on reflection came to relish that as a starting point for looking inward.

I commend the diversity and dedication of the counselors and especially the thought and caring of my personal counselor Raymond.

I am leaving DARA with a growing exuberance and calmness that I cannot recall feeling before; period. I also feel secure in knowing that support is only a Skype call away.

I will be back for the follow up week and sincerely hope a refresher programme is made available for those of us who just need that extra support from time to time.

The camaraderie and friendship amongst the clients has proved to be an integral part of the process and I had been fortunate to make many close friends.

I would totally recommend considering DARA Thailand to anyone seeking therapy. Whilst it is obviously an individual’s decision, my experience has exceeded all my expectations

— Ross

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