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While Sex Addiction is not officially recognized as a distinct addiction such as alcoholism or heroin addiction. It is quite real and it can be devastating. Experts and treatment professionals generally agree that there are a cluster of symptoms which constitute sexual addiction. Sex addiction, or hyper sexuality, is difficult to diagnose largely because the line between a healthy and active libido and problematic sexual behavior is hard to define. Essentially, if one is so preoccupied with sex and engages in sex to the extent that these thoughts and behaviors negatively impact one’s life or get in the way of normal daily activity, then one is in danger of being addicted to sex. The difficulty is that psychologists have been reluctant to use the term “addiction” for this type of issue. Just a few symptoms may help a person decide if they are wrestling with this problem:

If one experiences continual and prolonged sexual fantasies to the exclusion of other thoughts.

Time spent engaging in sexual thoughts and fantasies interferes with regular activities.

If sexual thoughts and urges come as the result of other problematic feelings (anxiety, depression, etc.)

Engaging in sexual behavior without regard for social and legal consequences.

Sex addicts are generally vexed with a constant and unrelenting preoccupation with sex. Their thoughts about sex and engaging in sex persist to the exclusion of nearly every other aspect of their lives. It is normal to have sexual fantasies, but for the sex addict, engaging in sexual fantasies is on the order of an obsession. Their thoughts about sex interfere with other activities.

While sex addiction can be treated the same as any other addiction, there are complications for those in the LBGTQ community. LBGTQ people are often the victims of abuse and bullying which the straight community does not deal with in the same way. For the straight community there are the issues of shame and guilt. But for LBGTQ people, these issues can be compounded by social and cultural mechanisms which refuse to treat them. They are shunned for being what they are in the first place. With the added difficulty of sex addiction they are prone to the abuse of others. And the isolation which comes with this abuse. Real fear of retribution forces them to hide their addiction and they tend to go untreated. This only compounds the addictive behavior and the problem become cyclical. 

DARA Thailand Treats Hyper Sexuality Addictions

DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Thailand is fully equipped to treat hyper sexuality in LBGTQ people. The professional and state of the art treatment programs at DARA are well-aware of the particular needs of the LGBTQ community and the obstacles they face in finding the right treatment for sex addiction. As with other behavioral addiction, hyper sexuality at DARA is treated according to individual needs. While on the one hand, DARA has staff and programs especially suited for LGBTQ people, they also take each individual’s needs into consideration for treating their specific set of problems. Finding the right program of treatment for members of the LGBTQ community can come with its own set of complications. At DARA, these issues are anticipated and the right treatment is here.

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