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Five Traits Of A Sex Addict

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Sex addiction is a very real condition that is hidden by far more adults than is ever reported. Major reasons that many affected refuse to seek professional assistance are embarrassment and shame.

Traits of a sex addict:

There are many traits that point towards a person suffering from sex addiction. Here are 5 of the most common:

The need for sex is out of control:

As crazy as it may seem you are ready to have sex anywhere and anytime. You know the risks involved are pointing towards you being caught in the act but that does not stop you from acting this way.

Any money you have for essential bills may be spent on paying for sex or used to take a ‘new date’ out with the sole intention of ending the night having sex wherever you can. The truth is that sex is the most important thing to you and you will have it regardless of the consequences.

Sex is a complete preoccupation:

You can’t go longer than 10-15 minutes without your thoughts turning to sex. Savouring your last session, looking forward to your next. This preoccupation puts everything else into second place and while you may try to put sex to the back of your mind, this proves to be an unachievable task.

Different strokes/Different folks:

Because sex is constantly on your mind you come up with kinkier ways to have sex. Riskier places to perform sex acts and more extreme forms of sex. As long as personal sexual preferences are within the law and with others who consent this is certainly not something to be concerned about. But, the fact that you want to try everything, anywhere and anytime regardless of the consequences indicates that your need and desire for sex has crossed a line.

Masturbation is a constant:

This is another pointer that your sexual needs are out of the ordinary and help is required. You wake up in the morning and masturbate, you disappear to the bathroom while at work to do the same. You will even masturbate immediately after sex even though under normal circumstances this would not be a consideration.

Constant relationship problems:

If you feel sex is becoming all-consuming take a step back and have a look at your relationships with those you either live with for a while or see on a regular basis for sex. Are these in a mess? Do they often end because of your actions? The fact you know that you will eventually get caught out by one partner or another but do not really care? Do you make obvious mistakes that tell one partner you are cheating on them. One of the reasons you do this is because you do not really care who finds out as long as you are successful in your next conquest?

Sex Addiction – An urgent need for help:

There are many more traits that show your sex addiction is overwhelming not just you but those you come into contact with. The problems will not disappear on their own. They will become deeper, and the deeper they become the bigger your risk of suffering serious consequences. This is because you continue to cross lines of acceptability as far as your sexual actions are concerned.

What may be acceptable to you is far from acceptable to others. Many with unnaturally high sex urges find they break laws in a variety of different ways in their quest for sex. Instead they should be seeking professional sex addiction counselling before their increasing sexual needs grow into very real problems.

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