Smack Yourself Into Long Term Rehab With Heroin Use

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Heroin has surely been the most mysterious, idolized and demonized drug the ‘modern’ world has known. It should also be stated that it is arguably the most addictive.

How Addictive?
Many sources estimate that almost a quarter of the millions of people who have tried the drug, and the generations to come that will dabble with ‘H’ will become addicted.

By anyone’s reckoning that is a huge gamble to take, so, if you are considering trying it ‘just once’ please bear that frightening statistic in mind.

No prisoners, very difficult to find a way out:
If you are already hooked on ‘Smack’ then professional rehabilitation services are surely the order of the day.

This drug takes no prisoners, it is not racist nor selective between men or women.

Arrive and be welcomed through its large, inviting and very tempting entry doors, but be assured, the main exit doors are firmly closed and emergency exits as well as escape routes are very, very difficult to find on your own.

Why the acclaim?
It has to be said that heroin offers some major euphoric effects, it leaves a user feeling ‘as high as a kite on a beautiful, sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing through their mind’.

The rush when ‘Horse’ is injected has been described as an instantaneous feeling of happiness and immense well-being followed by a few hours of slow motion, very pleasant dreamlike existence.

It has also been portrayed as a glamour drug by artists, musicians and actors. What is not so glamourous are the amount of people who die due to their addiction and subsequent overdose or other contracted illnesses due to their habitual use.

Why does it hook you so quickly?
Although dealers will regularly tell first time users, or those in the early stages of heroin use that snorting or smoking the drug is nowhere near as dangerous as injection this is wrong. However you take ‘Skag’ the strong chance of addiction is yours.

This is because specialized opioid receptors in the brain and nervous system react by releasing a potent amount of dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for generating feelings of euphoria and pleasure.

Once the brain ‘tastes’ these ‘delights’ it wants more and more and more, hence the intense cravings it induces.

Where are the dangers?
Along with the highly addictive qualities of ‘Smack’, it needs to be understood that it is a CNS (Central Nervous System) depressant. This means it sedates the user. It is common to hear users mention “going on the nod” in reference to the depth of drowsiness it causes.

Larger doses can slow heart rate and breathing to dangerous levels, sometimes leading to unconsciousness and death.

Apart from overdosing you should also be prepared for such things as irreparable chemical imbalances in the brain, your decision making and memory will deteriorate, severe heart and lung problems are likely, and addicts will suffer from regular bouts of illness and infection.

Additional problems for those who choose to ‘shoot up’ include a greatly increased risk of diseases such as Hepatitis B, C and HIV/AIDS.

Taking such potentially lethal damage to your body and mind into account surely makes trying heroin ‘just the once’ a very unglamorous proposition indeed.

Why not simply stop use?
Once dependent upon ‘H’ simply trying to cease use is not really an option. This is because the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and in in many cases unbearable.

Those attempting instant withdrawal will suffer fever, pain, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and severe depression. Put these and other unwanted symptoms together with intense cravings for another ‘hit’, and the end result is the user is quickly back on the Smack Track.

How, why and where to seek help:
The ‘why’ an addict needs to seek help should be fairly obvious from the above. As for the ‘how’ and ‘where’, those dependent on this drug must consider professional rehabilitation services.

Inpatient treatment in a luxury overseas rehab resort is one option that many addicts are discovering as a very effective form of treatment.

A stay at such an establishment offers a whole host of advantages. Here are just three to consider:

Change in environment:
Those addicted to heroin will in all likelihood be simply functioning on a day to day basis in a very sterile environment.

They will be mixing with dealers and users alike. Trying to come off the drug while remaining in such an environment will be extremely difficult because temptation will come knocking at every turn.

Overseas rehab resorts are located in idyllic locations, Thailand being a point in case. Such an environment will help greatly to put an addict in the right frame of mind for what will undoubtedly be a very tough period of their lives.

Professional, fully qualified staff:
These establishments employ staff with international qualifications that match those around the world. The counsellors, medical and support staff are friendly, sympathetic and fully focused on helping clients to overcome their addiction in the best possible ways.

Such assistance, advice and treatment will take the form of structured and proven methods that include elements of physical, psychological and spiritual sessions which are tailored to help you come to terms with your addiction issues.

These methods and the quality of aftercare options offered have proved successful in helping heroin addicts begin their long road to recovery with the ultimate aim of maintaining a drug free future.

While many may feel luxury overseas rehab resorts are out of their reach cost wise this is certainly NOT the case.

Indeed many such establishments are far, far cheaper than the same inpatient treatment offered in your home country. It should also be understood that various personal health insurance policies acknowledge these inpatient rehab establishments under their cover.

‘H’ for Hell or coming of ‘H’ for ‘Health and Happiness’:
Those who are dependent upon heroin simply to get through another drab day need professional help, and long term rehab is the answer.

It is best begun by contacting one of the professional, knowledgeable and friendly counsellors at an overseas rehabilitation resort NOW.

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