Spirituality in recovery

Spirituality in Recovery

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Spirituality is a touchy topic in life and even more so in recovery. However, it would be unforgivable to not include at least one article on spirituality as part of recovery. To understand the importance of this topic in relation to staying clean and sober, one must first understand what spirituality is in life. Spirituality is defined as the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Addiction makes us very self-centered and singularly focused on the next fix. Once we choose to enter recovery then that focus must shift and often that shift is toward spirituality. The idea of using spirituality or spiritual practices as a way to stay away from drugs and alcohol is not a new one. Many programs have a focus on spirituality, but the choice is truly up to each individual. Recovery may be the first time in years or maybe in the addicts entire life that they have thought of someone or something outside themselves. Read on to delve a little further into the concept of spirituality.

Spirituality can be understood as an inner path enabling a person to discover his or her well being. Spiritual practices could be described as those things or the religion that helps an individual discover who they are in life. This can help create a more personal journey. The benefits of spirituality in recovery are numerous. Some of these include being better able to cope with trials and tribulations. Offering a boost each day as time is spent in reflection or with a higher power. Clarity, increased happiness and contentment. As a mood lifter. And as a guide to being a better person, mother, father, and child.

Spirituality in recovery can offer support when others are not available and as it is practiced over time can lead to a more peaceful life overall. As those that choose to practice spirituality grow and gain deeper understanding of their spiritual choice. Then it is likely they will be more relaxed, happier, and less depressed. All of these things will benefit overall health and make reaching long term recovery more likely.

Spirituality is a decision that is unique to each individual. Some may believe in karma, some in God, some in many gods, and some in nature. The possibilities are endless. It is something that is worth finding and practicing in recovery. The one thing each person needs to remember is that you are free to try one or many forms of spirituality or glean from as many as you can to decide on your life philosophy. Just knowing that there is something more to life than yourself and what that knowledge can do for you is life changing.

So now you are faced with a decision. Will you look into the concept of spirituality? Will you learn and grow in the form of spirituality that you already know or practice? Are you willing to think of something and someone outside yourself? The choice is yours, but if you at least explore the possibilities then you will know you have tried. Stay strong, you can stay in recovery long term.

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