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Stop Trying To Hide Your Addiction

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The amount of men and women currently struggling with addiction is quite frightening. Many will hide this fact from themselves and their loved ones far longer than they should.

We will consider why professional assistance is a must, but first let’s understand why addiction is allowed to deepen.


Many addicts are too embarrassed to admit their problem. They feel it will bring shame and disappointment upon themselves. This excuse cannot and must not be used.

There is no shame in admitting that addiction currently has the better of you. Indeed, it is a very brave and sensible thing to do.

In all likelihood those closest to you will be aware that you have a problem. The longer you refuse to discuss it and keep it hidden, the deeper addiction will become, the deeper personal problems will become, and the more you will damage your physical and mental health.


This is the cornerstone of addiction. Anyone who is addicted to something will work extremely hard to convince themselves that the problem is nowhere near as serious as it really is. This denial then spreads itself into defiance towards anyone who tries to raise the topic.

The addict will vehemently deny any comments and vigorously deny there is a problem, but this stance is only fooling themselves.

It is crucial for an addict to end denial. Until they do so there will be no attempt to seek much needed help for their problem.

Those closest want to help:

While the fear of anger and disappointment prevents many addicts from seeking the help of those closest to them these thoughts must also be overcome.

Confiding in someone close to you will often mean they are only too keen to help in any way they can. Of course, they will be upset, perhaps shocked, but they will also be relieved that you have finally admitted the seriousness of your problem and will then look at ways to help.

This help can take different forms:

An immediate benefit for the addict is that this admission will take a huge weight of their shoulders and hidden fears can be revealed.

Those willing to help will often take it upon themselves to research and understand more about your current addiction. They will encourage you to visit your doctor, the local outpatient rehab clinic or to contact an inpatient rehab establishment and talk with a counsellor.

From these contacts and the advice received it will make an informed decision on what treatment will suit best far easier.

Their support can make the difference:

Treatment for addiction will not be a walk in the park. It will require self-determination and courage to get through, but the love and support of those closest to you can make a huge difference during what is certain to be a trying period for all concerned.

What needs to be remembered is that leaving addiction behind is a very real possibility. Countless men and women have achieved this in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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