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Excessive drug use continues to ruin many lives the world over. We will consider some of the issues that surround drug dependence, and also explain why the thriving Thailand drug rehab establishments are getting such positive industry reviews and very encouraging client testimonials.

Why me?

Recreational drug use may be illegal but that does not stop millions from indulging on a daily basis.

What starts out as a bit of fun with a bunch of friends offers lasting memories of high’s that need to be chased.

Initial comedowns after a drug session will leave you feeling low, but these negative effects are something many initially cope with and accept as part of their drug taking experiences.


A huge and often unknown issue for those dabbling with drugs is just how quickly your mind and body develop a tolerance for these highly addictive substances.

As your tolerance grows so does regularity of use. Place on top of this the fact that users need to take larger quantities just to achieve a similar high and it is easy to understand how the helter-skelter journey to full-blown addiction gathers speed.

Before you know it those withdrawal symptoms are far scarier. They are also extremely quick off the mark in showing their displeasure if you dare to miss any expected ‘feeding’ time.

Two popular treatment options.

We will first look at two popular treatment options available in western countries before explaining why more addicts than ever before are opting for the treatment and healing offered by Thailand drug rehab establishments.

A local doctor is where many addicts first head when looking to overcome their dependence upon drugs. This is a straightforward and sensible route because they already know you and your medical history. Appointments are also easy to arrange.

Your doctor will assess current drug use as well as your general health. Once this is understood they are in a position to offer solutions such as tapering and referral to a local rehab centre.  

These centres perform an admirable role, but it is no secret how hectic many can be due to the amount of other addicts already under their care.

While any steps to seek assistance must be applauded, these 2 options have the major drawback of being appointment only visits without fulltime supervision. For recovering addicts this leaves the temptation door wide open in terms of relapse.

The most effective treatment option:

The professional rehab community as well as those who have been through recovery agree on the most effective treatment option. That is for addicts seeking recovery to spend time as an inpatient in a well-run rehab establishment.

Anyone considering this highly effective healing option should consider the many advantages of choosing Thailand drug rehab establishments over one in their own country before a decision is made. Here are just 3:

Out of sight, out of temptation:

It is well-known that being in the same or similar locale to the one which has fuelled drug use puts temptation at the recovering addict’s door. This is because many will still have access to ‘just one more hit’ during the occasionally tough periods they may encounter.

By leaving behind their current environment for a new and refreshing one addicts are showing a positive commitment. They are also making a big statement in terms of their determination to quit drugs once and for all.

Waiting lists:

Whatever ‘official’ statistics relating to the amount of men and women addicted to drugs in your area are these should be taken with a pinch of salt. The truth is there are many more who have been uncounted.

It is also a fact that inpatient rehabilitation centres in the west are simply overrun by the demands of those in need of treatment.

This demand and excessive workload has a negative effect on those seeking treatment. Anyone who has taken the huge step of admitting their dependence and requesting treatment deserves immediate attention.

For an addict to be told “Yes, we can take you for treatment, but our waiting list is 3-6 months+” is a severe knock-back.

What is required is treatment here and now. This is something that the Thailand drug rehab establishments can offer because they are not working under the same severe workload and pressures as their western counterparts.


Quite rightly the cost of a 30, 60 or 90-day inpatient stay is a major consideration for those dependent upon drugs. Rehabilitation centres in the west are often prohibitively expensive.

This is not the case in Thailand even though 1st class accommodation, facilities and internationally approved treatment options are yours.

Many will be surprised to learn that costs for equivalent stays at rehab establishments in Thailand are up to 1/3rd cheaper than in the west.   

There is hope, there will ALWAYS be hope:

Those with drug dependence issues have lost their way, confidence is often low and self-esteem at the bottom of the barrel, but it is imperative they never give up hope of recovery.

There IS treatment that leads to healing, and with self-admittance of the problem, bags of determination, and a strong desire to beat drug dependence you CAN succeed in putting your habit where it belongs; in the dark and distant past.


If you or someone you know is considering rehab in Thailand, please contact one of our friendly advisers who can help guide you in the right direction. 

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