The Booze Blues – A Mournful Tune

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Drinking alcohol is a pastime enjoyed by millions of men and women the world over. Consuming too much of your favourite tipple on a regular basis has become the bane of many lives. The vast majority of whom will suffer with the booze blues.

These blues will wash over you in a variety of different ways. We will consider just 3 negatives that many who over imbibe will no doubt have raised a glass to during happier times. They are Health, Wealth and Happiness:


As you continue to drink your general health will suffer. Exercise will no doubt become a thing of the past, a good proportion of those who regularly drink to excess will have a poor diet and that vital nutritional balance required to keep you in good health will be missing.

Each sip of alcohol you consume goes into your bloodstream. This means it affects every part of your body.

Examples of this are that the liver and kidneys will take a hammering and your heart will have to work overtime to keep the body ticking. By causing such heart stress you are greatly increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Make no mistake, the booze blues will damage your bank balance and savings. Those drinking on a daily basis will find that their major priority is to have enough cash for their daily drinking spree.

Household improvements and holidays can become a rarity and many have so little spare cash that savings plans are certainly not on the agenda.

Dependence upon alcohol leads to denial. While many see this denial centering around a refusal to admit just how much alcohol is being taken on board, and the reality that those with drink issues cannot function or face any extended period without topping up it also extends to expense.

An alcoholic will regularly deny to themselves and those closest to them just exactly how much they are spending on the demon drink.


Denial also has a major part to play in the happiness of yourself and those closest to you. Drinking alcohol in moderation can certainly add to the enjoyment of social occasions. It can also help you and your partner relax.

But once drink becomes a regular and needed companion the booze blues will set in and moments of happiness will become few and far between.

It is a natural reaction that you will deny to yourself the actual amount of drink you are consuming.

You will regularly reinforce such denial to those closest to you. While they may believe you in the beginning one thing will quickly become obvious. As your drinking increases they will witness actions and behaviour that make it very clear you are not being truthful.

Telltale signs will include such things as your appearance and general health suffering, family obligations will take a back seat as more of your time is spent in an alcoholic haze and your employment prospects will go downhill.

Loved ones have strength and resilience above and beyond the call of duty, but it is vital to remember that they will also feel the full force of these booze blues.

Everyone has their limits. When a person continues to ignore the blatant signs their excessive drinking habits are displaying to those who care they are selfishly and uncaringly distancing their loved ones. The end result for many is not a pretty one.

They are condemning close relationships and the associated happiness this can bring to an end. In short it is a surefire way to close the door on such relationships.

Once this happens the alcoholic will become bitter, depressed and reach for the bottle on an ever more regular basis.

If you are aware your drinking is causing relationship problems PLEASE do something about it before it is too late.

The booze blues – Don’t let them get you down:

Those who have a drink problem must understand they are not the first person in this position and will most certainly not be the last.

They must understand there is no shame in seeking professional rehab assistance.

As opposed to shame, seeking such help should be seen as a brave and major step in the right direction.

In most cases this admission to your loved ones will be seen as a positive. It will show that you really do care and that you intend to put things right.

Partners will stand by and support you during your rehabilitation. It will not be an easy road, but it is one that is well travelled.

Such determination and courage by those who are currently suffering from alcohol dependence offers a very good chance of beating those booze blues.

By doing so you will be getting your life and those loving relationships you so desperately need back on track.

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