The Early Warning Signs To Heed – Prescription Drug Abuse

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There is a telling paradox relating to those who become dependent upon prescribed medication. The professionals who assess and then authorize a course of this treatment are generally the ones turned to if the patient becomes dependent upon the medicine given.

These medical professionals also have to deal with patients who are suffering from addiction to prescribed drugs caused due to excessive and unauthorized use.

High potential for dependence:

This very serious and widespread problem refers to those who use prescription drugs in ways that are not intended. We will look at this from two angles:

Those who are legally prescribed:

Patients assessed by medical professionals may be deemed to need a course of prescription medication to help with their condition. If this is the case they will be clearly advised on the recommended dosage and frequency of use.

While all patients will begin a course of treatment following these guidelines, the unfortunate fact is that many do not stick to them.

This is not because they are rebellious. It is because these powerful pills and medicines react differently from user to user. Many benefit from a course of treatment, others find themselves unable to resist taking more than the recommended dosage and do so on an increasingly regular basis.

This is due to the effects the pills and medicines are having. If this excessive use is allowed to continue then dependency can become a real issue.

Those who’s supply come from alternative sources:

There are millions of users who have experienced the effects prescription drugs can offer. This is thanks to previously approved use. Anyone from this group who want more of the same often have no justification for repeated prescriptions.

There are also many who regularly experiment with illegal substances that are keen to sample the effects offered from prescription medication.

In the vast majority of cases the drug in question will have been purchased via the thriving black market. This source appears to have an endless supply of illegal and controlled drugs available.

These pills and medicines offer a high potential for addiction due to the initial pleasant feelings and ‘highs’. Unfortunately, these feelings need to be chased

The result is that many get into a habit of taking excessive quantities over far longer periods than are legally recommended. Fairly quickly users find they cannot do without their ‘fix’.

This never ending, but rapidly expanding cycle of abuse leads to addiction and the devastating effects it brings.

One group of users with serious problems:

The numbers of people worldwide who are regularly using, dependent upon, and fully addicted to prescribed medication number millions and affect men and women of all ages.

In terms of those with dependence issues created by the purchase and use of these substances via unregulated routes there is a clear trend.

It is the younger generation that have a particular problem, and this problem continues to grow.

Examples of prescription drug abuse:

We will give two examples of the wrong way to take prescription medication The first is at the lower end of the scale but is important to understand why it is mentioned. The second example tops this type of drug abuse. It should be crystal clear as to why this route should be avoided at all costs.

Lower end abuse:

Take those who pick up a painful ache or sprain while working or playing sport. Rather than booking a doctor’s appointment they will find a family member or friend who is currently being prescribed painkillers and ‘borrow’ a few to ease their pain.

While this type of use may seem unworthy of concern it is important to understand that each person reacts differently to the medicines and pills prescribed. Potential allergy problems also need to be taken into account.

If your health professional has assessed your past and current condition and issues a prescription, they are doing so because that particular medication suits you and your current situation.

Those popping any pill they can lay their hands on to ease what they see as a temporary problem need to be aware of this. Whether they view their current condition as trivial or not, it is strongly recommended they seek a professional opinion and accept any prescription treatment offered from that. This is a far better and safer route rather than experimenting with medication supplied to others based on their needs.

Top of the tree – Out of your tree!

The most serious and concerning use of prescription medication abuse relates to those who will beg, steal, borrow and purchase these prescription pills from the thriving black-market.

They are seeking the powerful ‘highs’ offered when excessive amounts of the drugs are taken at once. There are various ways in which the pills are consumed; this includes the desperate and quite frightening method of grinding the pills into powder and either snorting or injecting them.

It goes without saying that as this type of use continues it will become a compulsion. Users will be aware of the extremely negative effects this abuse is creating, but will be unable to stop abuse without the assistance of some serious professional rehabilitation assistance.

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