Can Vitamins Cure Anxiety and Depression?

Can Vitamins Cure Anxiety and Depression?

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Can Vitamins Cure Anxiety and Depression?

Depression and anxiety are two of the most commonly diagnosed forms of mental illness in the United States. Depression is much more than being sad over a circumstance. It is a long standing, pervasive feeling of doom and gloom that the person cannot shake. Even when life is good. Anxiety falls along the same lines. We all get anxious or scared at some points in life. However, anxiety is much more than occasionally being nervous. Anxiety is a mental disorder in which the sufferer feels anxious at random times throughout the day or week. Those individuals with anxiety may also suffer from panic attacks. Leaving them feeling socially isolated and afraid to enjoy being around others.

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are often comorbid diagnoses. Both disorders are often treated through the use of antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety medications. These were designed to treat chemical imbalances. However, they are used to dull the depression and anxiety. Research has shown promise in treating both anxiety and depression with vitamins. It’s been revealed that vitamins are often lacking or low for those with depression and anxiety.

Vitamins to Cure

If you have chronic depression and anxiety, there may be more than one factor effecting the conditions. Symptoms such as low mood, lethargy, and disinterest in formerly loved activities may be caused by a deficiency in one or more nutrients. This is great news for those who have attended psychotherapy and tried medication with limited success. Simple dietary changes and the addition of deficient nutrients could aid in helping you feel better overall. Limiting depression and anxiety symptoms. This is not to say that dietary changes alone can cure depression. However, they may make a huge difference for some.

Choosing the Right Vitamins

Before you run out to the store to fill your cabinet with supplements, have a doctor check your vitamin levels to see if a deficiency is present. The body will benefit most from the vitamins gained through making healthy eating sources rather than pills. However, if this isn’t possible, over the counter vitamins may help. In general, whether a deficiency exists or not, eating healthy and balanced with few processed foods will help improve your mood and demeanor.

Common Vitamins to Look For

If you are deficient, as determined by a medical exam, then it will be obvious which vitamins need to be added. However for the purpose of this article, the most common will be shared. One of the most likely lacking that will help with anxiety is a calcium, magnesium, and zinc combination. These are found in leafy green vegetables for the most part. Magnesium alone is a natural muscle relaxer. However calcium helps with its absorption.  B-Complex is important for both depression and anxiety as it helps with metabolism, energy, and overall health.

Links Between Vitamin D and Depression

Can Vitamins Cure Anxiety and Depression?

Finally, specific to depression vitamin D is highly important. Vitamin D can be gained by spending time outdoors as it is absorbed through the sunlight. However in those long, cold months, many people suffer from a deficiency. This is why many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you suffer from depression and anxiety then have some basic bloodwork done and alter your diet to see if it helps. There is no harm in getting healthy.

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