What’s In Your Fix – Would You Buy It As Readily If You Knew?

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Do you really know what’s in your fix? It would appear that the vast majority of regular drug users do not.

They are being short-changed by the amount of impurities, adulterants and diluents contained in the pills, bags and wraps purchased day in and day out.

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us would never dream of tucking into a meal without knowing its contents.

So why do millions of men and women have no qualms about shelling out good money for illegal substances without the least understanding of what they contain?

Why so trustworthy in a very untrustworthy business:

One thing should be blindingly obvious to those who buy illegal drugs; the source producing them and those pedaling them do not have the buyer’s personal wellbeing as a priority.

The multi-billion dollar drugs trade lusts after money and the more they can take from each individual the better it makes them feel.

Such operations will not intentionally churn out patently dangerous drugs, but they are certainly not averse to blending cheaper and more readily available ingredients into what they sell as the genuine item.

It must also be remembered that the source of such production ranges from basement kitchens to sophisticated factory style operations.

With this firmly in mind you should decide for yourself whether such a swingeing array of manufacturing methods use the same formula.

We will look at just 3 of the most popular drugs and explain what you should be getting and what variations on a theme are often served up.

What’s in your fix – Amphetamine:

Speed, Billy, Whizz; this drug has a whole host of monikers. It is also the most adulterated illegal substance out there. Samples tested have shown a ridiculous 1 percent purity in batches seized. As for average purity, this is purported to run at around just 10 pct.

What’s the cut?

Take your pick; sugar should sweeten the drop in your bank balance, then think caffeine, ephedrine, sometimes both. Paracetamol is not unknown, for those on a ‘health’ kick they may be getting Vitamin C. Not quite as appetising are talcum powder and chalk.

What’s in your fix – Ecstasy:

Moving onwards and upwards how about that thumpin’ pumpin’ chilled out love drug. Ecstasy is pushed successfully as a match made in drug heaven for raves, all-nighters and house parties to remember.

Many old-time ravers will reminisce and tell the young upstarts that back in the day one ‘E’ would keep them buzzing for an intense 12 hour session, and even then they were still ready to party on down, but in the vast majority of deals today such strength and purity is unheard of.

For many of today’s ‘E’ users a 2 or 3 hour ‘bang’ is what they have always known and readily accept. This acceptance comes with a caveat. Any ‘self-respecting’ raver will have extra pills ready to pop once the effects of their last one begins to dull.

What’s the cut?

MDMA is what you are being told it is. Some pills contain none at all. Others will have varying amounts of the ‘real’ ingredient. It then depends on what’s at hand for the remainder.

You could be getting our friend amphetamine, then there is ketamine and ephedrine. Caffeine is also very popular. Some kindly manufacturers even slip in tranquillizers such as flunitrazepam. You may know this as the evil date rape drug; rohypnol.

What’s in your fix – Cocaine:

The darling of many. The problem is that when it zips into action after a line or two your chances of getting a reasonable purity are up in the air as well as up your nose.

Estimates and samples have found that purity varies between 20 and 90 pct.

Let’s face it that is a hell of a gamble for a drug that costs. Perhaps you will be more than satisfied at the top end of the scale, but way down low will make you feel low.

What’s the cut?

What you are powdering your nose with will contain related chemicals such as lidocaine or benzocaine, then add into the mix a good sprinkling of sugars such as glucose, lactose and mannitol.

What’s in your fix – Is it really worth it?

As you get heavier on drug use your bank balance will become lighter. Of course that is your choice, but another far more important effect is the potential damage you are doing to yourself physically and psychologically.

Once dependence takes hold you will be unable to simply turn your back on it. If you are already dependent or heading that way please seek professional rehab assistance.

These dedicated individuals are there to help not judge. It will be a challenging time of your life, but such challenges can be faced up to and beaten.

Once you are well on the recovery road the question: What’s in your fix, will become totally irrelevant. Beating dependence will do wonders for your health, social life and close relationships as well as your bank balance.

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