Why Addiction Will Damage Your Health, Wealth And Home Life

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The fact that addiction will damage your health, wealth and home life becomes increasingly apparent to those who regularly takes illegal substances.

They are leaving themselves wide open to dependence issues and should never think:

It couldn’t possibly happen to me:

WRONG! Very, very wrong. Addiction is non-selective; it is not racist or sexist. It has a hunger that is frightening and a net it casts wide.

The illicit substances that are its recruiting agents are persuasive. They introduce themselves with cracking highs and dreamlike experiences. Users are given an immediate provisional membership card stamped “Keep taking and full membership is yours”.

Everyone dabbling with drugs is at risk of addiction:

It would be foolish to state that everyone who uses illegal substances will automatically become dependent upon them, but this does not alter the fact that regular users are creaking open a very dark door.

How far their journey through it continues is open to negotiation. Many millions of men and women realise that their drug use is escalating too quickly for comfort and will stop before it is too late.

Unfortunately there are also many who find increased use snowballs into dependence. These men and women will eventually face up to the fact that only time, perseverance and the assistance of professional rehabilitation services will they stand a chance of beating their habit.


Addiction will damage your health, wealth and home life largely thanks to ‘Tolerance’ in terms of drug use this really does spell ‘T’ for trouble.

The tolerance we are talking about relates to your mind and body. They both take to your drug of choice with an enthusiasm that is scary.

Because of the very pleasant highs received your mind and body are quick to latch on. They will persuasively encourage you to ‘feed’ this need on a regular basis.

The problem is that such tolerance is not satisfied with receiving the same amount of the drug each time.

Users quickly find this approach leads to a reduction of the powerful highs initially experienced. To ensure ‘quality’ highs are maintained your mind will quickly oblige with a solution:

The natural ‘answer’ to tolerance:

To continue experiencing those powerful highs the natural answer is to take more of the drug on a more frequent basis.

And guess what? It does the trick, at least for a short while, but fairly soon that ‘hit’ needs to be increased and so your downward spiral into addiction continues.

Please be very clear: Your mind and body have a tolerance that will continue to grow and thus encourage you to take more to satisfy these intense cravings.

Addiction will damage your health, wealth and home life – Part 1:

Persistent drug use will damage your health in various ways. Not just physically but also mentally.

Those dependent upon drugs find their sleep patterns become irregular. The effects of certain drugs will mean they have no desire to sleep for long periods.

When they do fall into an uneasy sleep, or one that has been brought about through sheer exhaustion they will sleep for excessively long periods. Losing a day here or there can become a common occurrence.

Their diet is generally shot to pieces. Long periods of not eating or simply snacking will become commonplace. This is often followed by excessive food bingeing sessions.

Physical exercise will become a thing of the past, and the potential damage to your internal organs does not bear thinking about.

Because your body is an amazingly resilient ‘machine’ a lot of this physical damage can heal fairly quickly once an addict has committed to long term rehab assistance, but the psychological effects are often not so forgiving. Many ex-addicts suffer from extended mental issues that last long after they have stopped use.

Addiction will damage your health, wealth and home life – Part 2:

It goes without saying that heavy drug use comes at a price to your bank balance. Those early, cheap scores offered by your ‘friendly’ dealer were not an act of kindness or charity.

They were made in the full knowledge that once a user gets a taste for their drug(s) of choice this habit will steadily empty existing cash reserves while healthily topping up the dealers.

In many cases desperate times lead to desperate measures and those with drug dependence issues will turn to stealing from their loved ones, opportunist theft, petty burglaries and prostitution as means of obtaining that much needed cash.

The only thing that really matters to an addict is that they have enough money to feed their ever growing habit.

Addiction will damage your health, wealth and home life – Part 3

It is a very sad fact, but those dependent upon drugs are fully aware of the pain and anguish caused to family and/or partners. While they are aware of it this will not stop them inflicting such hurt.

They will convince themselves that their actions are nowhere near as damaging as they actually are. They will constantly tell themselves that this is only a temporary situation and they will make full amends ‘soon’.

If you are an addict in this situation then it is time to face up to the undeserved grief you are causing. Those nearest and dearest to you will generally show a loyalty that is borne from love and concern.

Just two examples of this loyalty are that they will suppress their real feelings when money or household belongings mysteriously disappear in the hope they will eventually ‘turn up’. They will also be the first to stand up and defend you against critics.

What is very important for all heavy drug users to understand is that these courageous people have their own breaking point. Your continued drug use and associated actions will eventually tip them over this point.

Deep down an addict knows the trouble and sadness they are causing. Unless they find the inner strength to seek professional drug rehab assistance they will end up out in the cold and alone.

Addiction will damage your health, wealth and home life – Stop the rot!

Those who feel their drug use is getting out of hand, or those already dependent upon their drug of choice need to stand up and be counted.

Continuing down this road will lead to a dead end in a vehicle that has no reverse gear. These users need to admit to themselves how serious their problem is and take the brave step of seeking rehab treatment.

Such a move will be the first large stride on the road to recovery. It will spawn a realisation that there is a life waiting which spells hope, and just as importantly that life will be one to be enjoyed without the need for drugs.

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