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Rehab Treatment for Xanax – What to Expect

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Xanax Treatment – Xanax is another name given for the prescription medication alprazolam which is a benzodiazepine used in the treatment of panic disorders and anxiety. It may also be prescribed to people who suffer from insomnia. Whilst short term use may not have any side effects, prolonged use may lead to addiction. In fact, the medication is not supposed to be prescribed for longer than 6 weeks.

People who do become addicted to Xanax will often have to enter rehab to beat their addiction. Physical addiction and prolonged use can lead to a number of health problems so medical supervision is always advised during the Xanax Treatment and withdrawal process.

So who needs to receive help in the first place?

Characteristics of Xanax Addiction

Not everyone who takes Xanax is going to end up getting hooked on it. If fact, tolerance or physical dependency on the drug alone are not enough to be diagnosed as an addict. This could just be the result of taking it for too long.

Instead, addiction is often characterised by the following:

  • Taking more than is prescribed or in other ways than prescribed
  • Continuation of use even despite negative side effects
  • Cravings or compulsion to use

What Would Happen in Rehab

Admitting yourself into rehab can help to address the real reasons why you are seeking help for Xanax withdrawal. It can help to uncover the emotional and physiological issues at the core of the addiction.

Below are the stages and services that you can typically expect when entering rehab.

  • Drug screening and assessment
  • Removal of the drug from the system
  • Behavioural therapy and Psychotherapy
  • Education
  • Aftercare and follow ups

Keep it in mind that while many rehabs are inpatient based, you may not necessarily need to sign up to a full 28 to 90 day rehab. An outpatient rehab can also help you beat your addiction whilst also costing less and allowing you to continue with your normal activities.

Stages of Rehab – Xanax Treatment.

Step 1: Drug Screening and Assessment

An initial assessment and drug screening will be completed on arrival when a person enters Xanax rehabilitation. This initial stage of treatment is used to determine the extent of someone’s addiction and to put a plan of action into place. This stage will usually include interviews, questionnaires and standard drug testing.

Step 2: Removal of the Drug from the System

Withdrawing from Xanax can be a rough ride and symptoms that appear can include depression, anxiety and insomnia. Rehab programs that specialize in withdrawal from Xanax help a person to taper of the drug and minimize any withdrawal symptoms.

Step 3: Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapy

The cornerstone of treatment for Xanax addiction is psychological treatment this will often include individual behavioural sessions combined with group sessions. Special treatment will be given for anxiety and depression when necessary as they often become present during treatment. Sometimes family is involved in sessions so that the family system and dynamics can be addressed together.

Step 4: Education

The more someone learns about their addiction and the way that treatment works, the better prepared they will be to beat their addiction. This is why people entering rehab for Xanax addiction will often have to attend education sessions and workshops during their xanax treatment.

Step 5: Aftercare and Follow ups

At the end of your rehab sessions an addiction specialist will help a person to create an exit plan. This written plan will help people to continue their progress and better understand what to expect. It will also include goals to reach.

Aftercare in the form of outpatient therapy and counselling sessions can be expected in the following months. Attending these sessions will help a person keep on track and learn how to cope with any withdrawal symptoms and stress.

If you feel that you have an addiction to Xanax or know someone who has and are worried about them, please feel free to talk to one of Dara’s professional advisors about the possibility of rehab at our luxury resorts in Thailand.

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