5 Solutions for Aussies Seeking a Drug Rehab Centre

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Australia-5-Solutions-for-Aussies-Seeking-a-Drug-Rehab-CentreMany families across Australia have trouble understanding where and how to find help for a loved one struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Resources are scare or waiting lists long. Affordable care may be only a day program that doesn’t give the intensive help in a residential drug rehab centre that is critical in the early recovery period.

This ongoing search can be exhausting and frustrating, going down one long, blind alley and finding nothing in return. There is hope, and there is help out there! DARA is here for you.

Give these solutions some thought:

  1. Think outside of Australia. For the price of an airline ticket, the cost of care in a Thailand-based drug rehab centre is extremely affordable.
  2. DARA is one of the top ten international treatment centers in the world. We are not only affordable to the average family, but provide best-practice treatment modalities by our highly experienced, licensed and credentialed clinical staff.
  3. Receiving treatment in Thailand gives addicts a different physical and cultural environment. Triggers and stressors that support the drug use at home in Australia become something that can be viewed more clearly in this environment.
  4. When considering any overseas drug rehab centre, be sure to compare what they offer side by side. If you want to start with the most transparent list available, we encourage you to speak to us and use what DARA offers as the gold standard for comparisons. We do not state this lightly, and we stand by our reputation as one of the best.
  5. Treatment in paradise helps, and you won’t find two more beautiful and naturally serene locations than DARAs two resort-like treatment facilities in Thailand. Recovery is hard work, very hard. Excellent meals, private, plush living accommodations and an environment that fosters rest and reflection empower this recovery process.

More questions? Not sure where to start? Just call DARA. Let’s get a plan in place so that when your loved one says “help me now, I’m ready,” you can do exactly that.

If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction,
contact us at 1-888-457-3518 US, 0-808-120-3633 UK or 1-800-990-523 AU.
We’re here to help you take that first important step.

Overseas Rehab Centres: It’s Cheap But Is It Better?

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DARA offers clinically expert and internationally credentialed team at an affordable all-inclusive price.

When comparing overseas rehab centres with those in your home country, start by doing side-by-side comparisons. Some Australian critics interpret “affordable” as “low quality” when discussing what an overseas rehab centre has to offer. We want you to understand why this broad paintbrush does not describe DARA.  In fact “affordable” at DARA means that you receive:


  • A gold standard facility that diligently maintains multiple international credentials, including a long-standing relationship with the prestigious National Association of Addiction Treatment Provides (NAATD).
  • Internationally educated and experienced treatment specialists (licensed and credentialed in their areas of expertise).
  • DARAs clinical team live and work full-time in Thailand. Make sure that any overseas rehab centre you consider follows this custom. Some facilities trade short term contracts to addiction clinicians in return for a short “working holiday.” This is not in your best interest!
  • At DARA, “all inclusive” means exactly that, with no hidden fees. We are fully transparent. All treatment, supportive therapy, chef-created meals, off-site sober excursions and events, private accommodations are included! You also receive VIP escorted pick up to and from the airport in Thailand, and an overnight medical evaluation stay at one of Thailand’s premier hospitals.
  • When your treatment at DARA in Thailand is nearly complete, you will already have worked with your treatment team to have the resources and support in place at home to help keep your recovery on track.

How DARA Keeps the Cost of Expert Individualized Care Affordable

Thailand offers an economical cost of doing business that allows DARA to create our extraordinary level of comprehensive care. We have two upscale, resort like settings that the average family can afford. Our definition of affordability is not just financial. It is making sure that our clients also receive the quality of care that is unmatched anywhere. This is just one reason DARA is among the most highly regarded drug and alcohol treatment centres in Asia.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Thailand, DARA’s lush grounds and relaxing spaces provide an extra level of therapeutic value. Our clients have time to process the challenging tasks of rehab without the distractions and stressors of home or problematic settings and situations that support the addiction.

DARA encourages you to contact us directly to discuss what our overseas rehab centre can offer you or your loved one. We understand that you may have concerns, based on news reports you may have read in Australia. It is true that not all Thailand-based rehab centres provide the level of care and evidence-based treatment that DARA does, or as affordable as they claim to be. DARA is extraordinary and different, and we’d like to share with you why.

Call us! You will be connected directly with one of our counselors, and not an impersonal call centre. DARA’s goal is to provide you with the and skills you need to live a rewarding, meaningful life free from addiction

If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction,
contact us at 1-888-457-3518 US, 0-808-120-3633 UK or 1-800-990-523 AU.
We’re here to help you take that first important step.


Australian Government Launch Ad Campaign to Fight “Ice” Addiction

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It’s gritty, graphic and promoted by real fears concerning the rampant increase of Ice Addiction across Australia. This $9million, 6-week media blitz targets younger crystal meth users.

Ice is cheap to make and easy to distribute. Ask the preteens being recruited in rural Australia who don’t just distribute to their adolescent customers, but are forced cook the meth. Dangerous, and potentially deadly, and cause chronic physical conditions from being around the cooking process. Towns being torn apart, medical personnel and families assaulted by those under the influence of ice, and some frank concerns about losing a whole generation of youth in some remote rural areas due to ice.

Immediate Help for Ice Addiction Is Desperately Needed for Australians

Money is being ear marked to get more addiction treatment centers in place. There are long lists and few options for adults seeking help. For the young ice user, the view is even dimmer. Across the entire New South Wales and Canberra areas, only 26 beds are in place. None of these are easily accessed due to the long waiting lists.

The cost of private residential treatment services in Australia runs anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 per month. Not all of these accept adolescent patients, and many still have waiting lists due to the skyrocketing demand for ice addiction and other substance abuse. DARA has been extremely impressed with this massive ad campaign on ice addiction. We are also ready to be part of the solution to this disastrous trend in ice addiction in Australia.

DARA’s all-inclusive affordability, and most importantly our exemplary clinical services are increasingly provided to desperate Australian’s ages 16 and over who need help for ice addiction now. Our two resort-like facilities in Thailand are not just naturally beautiful; they create a therapeutic atmosphere of change that helps our clients take on the challenges of recovery.

DARA is here 24/7 to help you, so please don’t hesitate to call. You’ll speak directly with a clinician who will answer all of your questions with total transparency and honesty. We are your support and navigators of the treatment and recovery process from that first call, until well after you or your loved one return to Australia.

If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction,
contact us at 1-888-457-3518 US, 0-808-120-3633 UK or 1-800-990-523 AU.
We’re here to help you take that first important step.

10 Facts About Australia’s Drug Problem

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Understanding the current escalating drug problem in Australia is complex. DARA has seen increasing number of clients coming from Queensland and other parts of Australia for our help. Here are some of the major reasons why:

  1. Many states in Australia, such as Queensland, have relatively few residential treatment centers in comparison to the need.
  2. Nearly all treatment centers have long waiting lists so that when someone is ready to ask for treatment for drug or alcohol problems, help may not be available during this critical window of opportunity.
  3. Crystal meth use in Australia has doubled between 2010-2013, making the need for addiction treatment skyrocket, and the waiting lists even longer.
  4. While $7billion is generated by alcohol related taxes each year in Australia, the costs for alcohol related treatment is over $15.3 billion.
  5. The amount of oxycodone being prescribed by physicians in Australia has increased nine fold in the year 2009; problems with prescription painkiller dependence and addiction has also increased the need for effective treatment options.
  6. In Australia, a private residential substance use rehab can have a monthly cost of between $15,000 and $135,000.
  7. According to Brendan Post of the Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Services, there is interim help available for some outpatient services but are these stretched-thin due to the numbers of citizens who need treatment.
  8. While outpatient services are at a later stage of recovery, individuals with a drug or alcohol addiction statistically do better when first receiving a more intensive and structured rehab program.
  9. On a typical day in Australia, nearly 50,000 Australians are receiving medical-management of an addiction with suboxone, methadone, and other pharmacotherapy.
  10. The culture of drug abuse in Australia stretches as far as the recently revealed issue in the Royal Australian Navy.

DARA encourages Australians to contact us. We are here to help you immediately. You’ll talk directly to a counselor, not an answering machine. You’ll learn how we can offer an all-inclusive residential program that is affordable to the average family. We are proud to offer an individualized program of care by an expert clinical team unmatched anywhere else in the world.

If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction,
contact us at 1-888-457-3518 US, 0-808-120-3633 UK or 1-800-990-523 AU.
We’re here to help you take that first important step.

A Deadly Game of One-Upmanship

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NekNomination- A Deadly Game of One-Upmanship

Drinking games go back as far as ancient Greece and China. The games usually fall into one of a number of categories:

  • Speed—how much alcohol can be consumed in a certain period of time (includes games such as beer bong, flippy cup, shotgunning, and boat races)
  • Endurance—simple competitions to out-drink other players. Sometimes the goal is to see who can remain standing the longest (boot of beer, power hour,  keg stand)
  • Skill—party and bar games that focus on an act of skill. In some games, the loser is required to drink a predetermined amount; in others, the winner (beer pong, beer darts, polish horseshoes, etc.)

There are also thinking games, cards, dice, and other competitions, all with alcohol involved.

All these can, as a group, range from the benign to the ridiculous. A friendly game of darts over beers can be innocent enough; competitive drinking for the sake of speed or volume can be dangerous, even lethal.

The latest and most alarming incarnation of the drinking game is Neknomination.

The point to this game is to chug beer or alcohol and video the event; then, the video is posted on social media and others are dared to outdo it and then post their performance, adding the same dare. This leads to a sort of networked, viral drinking competition where the only possible outcome is that one-upmanship drastically overrides common sense. In addition to just drinking, players have ramped up the competition by jumping off bridges, doing motorcycle stunts, and performing other risky acts.

Neknomination-related deaths have been reported in Australia, Ireland, and the UK.

One teen in Ireland died after drinking and jumping into a river, another after mixing white wine, vodka, whiskey, and beer. A ten-year-old boy in the UK became violently ill after participating in Neknomination.

This trend clearly requires a counterforce.


One Facebook community, called Ban-Neknomination, calls attention to the dangers—and victims—of the game.

Perhaps social media, the platform upon which Neknomination depends, will provide that counterforce by means of education and positive peer pressure.