5 Habits that will Help in your Recovery


5 HabitsHealthy habits in recovery promote a mental strength which will carry an individual in sobriety through the ebbs and flows of life on life’s terms. Mental strength is the ability to manage challenging emotions and situations and is an important projection for success and happiness. The five suggestions listed here characterize the emotional intelligence, grit, resilience, self-control, mental toughness and mindfulness successful individuals cultivate in recovery.

1. Be Objective!

The ability to see things clearly, evenly and with a degree of detachment is a vital component in changing responses and attitudes. What’s required here is a sort of philosophical approach to situations, taking a step back and examining emotions and impressions, while considering various possible outcomes with an open and honest perception. The way we perceive things can have incredible power to help overcome challenges and setbacks.

2. Let go of Entitlement.

While we all deserve the opportunity to achieve success and happiness, there is no guarantee that says life will be free of obstacles, worry and sometimes failure. The attitude that we should get what we want most of the time can lead to an unproductive cycle of self-pity. People with mental strength recognize the possibility that their plans can be derailed, and life can take one completely by surprise.

3. Be Flexible.

Accepting some things are beyond our power, and being able to bend with curves in the road gives an opportunity to learn resiliency. It’s impossible to avoid negative emotions, particularly when we meet with several large obstacles at the same time; the key is not to get taken hostage by these emotions. Keeping a steady emotional balance increases the potential to recognize new and unique solutions when the next indicated step appears.

4. Take Charge & Responsibility.

While having flexibility and acceptance are important to healthy mental strength, this should not be at the cost of achieving important goals. Taking responsibility for interests and maintaining persistence with goals is paramount to finding success and joy in life. Like the tools of recovery, this is an everyday practice where results will not show overnight; one must have perseverance to make goals become realities and the ability to overcome hardship along the way.

5. Practice Gratitude, Always.

Healthy habits will find a lasting place in daily routines with this compelling step toward having a reasonable understanding of our place in life and enjoying the ups and downs. Having mental strength is finding gratitude in the obstacles we face, embracing the situations life presents and assigning greater significance to what is really important. Whether making a gratitude list or simply taking a breather to evaluate all we have to be grateful for, a renewed serenity and inner clarity will direct toward a future full of possibility.

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