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Addictions do not discriminate. Addiction does not care if you are black, white, fat, thin, rich, poor, male, or female. Addiction will touch every family in the world in some way, whether through the community or a friend or family member. Someone who is an addict may have a very difficult time coming to the realization that they are addicted and that this has a negative effect on their lives (or your life). When you or your loved one is ready to admit a problem exists a large breakthrough has been made in the recovery process. Now the next step is seeking treatment. Some with addictions may choose inpatient treatment and others may function well with out patient counseling. Regardless of what one chooses there are a few things that either choice have in common.

Help For Addictions

When choosing which type of help one wants to get into and stay in recovery long term there are many things that must be considered. The person must truly assess their addiction to determine whether in-patient or out patient would work best. Out patient counseling is typically beneficial in behavioral addictions and in some cases where doses of medication need to be tapered down. However, all types of addiction can be treated in-patient. It sometimes takes days or weeks to get into an in-patient program and during this time it can be tempting to use again so some basic steps should be taken to limit this temptation.


These basic steps are focused on being aware of oneself and the surroundings. In fact the awareness falls into three categories: people, places, and things. The first, people is very important. As you are just beginning the road to recovery there will be people in your life who are angry that you have stopped using. These could be dealers or just friends who have gotten used to sharing your addiction. These people may be rude or pushy trying to convince you to use again. Stay strong in your resolve and avoid these people as often a possible.


The second area of concern is places. Just as people, there are certain places that will entice an addict to use. This may be a favorite place to drink, a certain house in which using is acceptable. Or even a street where you typically bought drugs are places that should be avoided. This may mean taking a different route to places or avoiding some areas altogether for a time.


The final area of concern are things. This may seem like an odd addition, but for addicts this will make sense. Remove any drug related items from your home and anywhere you spend a significant amount of time. This includes things like needles and tubing, but should also include any item that was always or often present while using. Perhaps you turned the radio up in the bathroom when shooting up, remove the radio immediately. Maybe you enjoyed listening to a particular selection when getting high, remove these songs from your playlist. It may seem odd at first but simple things can become triggers, especially in early recovery.

If you can avoid your triggers and the people, places, and things that can cause you to fail in your early attempts until you can get professional help then you are more likely to be successful. Stay strong in these early days of fighting your addiction and get the help that is needed and desired. Your life will be much better for the work you are putting into your future.

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