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DARA_ASEAN_Conference_2014_02Earlier in the month we had an opportunity to join the ASEAN Conference 2014: Addiction Treatment: Future Challenges and Opportunities.

The ASEAN Conference 2014: Addiction treatment: Future challenges and opportunities was held by the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment (PMNIDAT), Department of Medical Services, on June 11-13, 2014. Participants included representatives from all ten ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries which comprise of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

This is the second time that representatives and policy makers from ASEAN officially joined together to share experiences and exchange knowledge in addiction treatment and rehabilitation, with the key topic being “Best Practices in Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation”.

Another important objective of the conference was to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with each country pledging to:

DARA_ASEAN_Conference_2014_051. Improve the academic cooperation in developing addiction treatment and rehabilitation system among ASEAN countries.
2. Share best practices and information, as well as establish a network on addiction treatment and rehabilitation to further enhance existing clinical guidelines.
3. Share in human resource development and education which include training programs, study visits, and exchange programs.
4. Develop and enhance standard drug treatment and rehabilitation services including accreditation and certification of staff and facilities.

As Asia’s premier drug and alcohol treatment center, DARA Thailand was invited by Mahidol University’s ASEAN Institute for Health Development to join the conference.

Additionally, Martin Peters, DARA Thailand’s Treatment Program Director, was also invited to facilitate and lead group discussions by ASEAN representatives on research cooperation, best practices, clinical practice guidelines, human resource development, certification of addiction professionals, and standards for addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

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