5 Solutions for Aussies Seeking a Drug Rehab Centre

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Australia-5-Solutions-for-Aussies-Seeking-a-Drug-Rehab-CentreMany families across Australia have trouble understanding where and how to find help for a loved one struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Resources are scare or waiting lists long. Affordable care may be only a day program that doesn’t give the intensive help in a residential drug rehab centre that is critical in the early recovery period.

This ongoing search can be exhausting and frustrating, going down one long, blind alley and finding nothing in return. There is hope, and there is help out there! DARA is here for you.

Give these solutions some thought:

  1. Think outside of Australia. For the price of an airline ticket, the cost of care in a Thailand-based drug rehab centre is extremely affordable.
  2. DARA is one of the top ten international treatment centers in the world. We are not only affordable to the average family, but provide best-practice treatment modalities by our highly experienced, licensed and credentialed clinical staff.
  3. Receiving treatment in Thailand gives addicts a different physical and cultural environment. Triggers and stressors that support the drug use at home in Australia become something that can be viewed more clearly in this environment.
  4. When considering any overseas drug rehab centre, be sure to compare what they offer side by side. If you want to start with the most transparent list available, we encourage you to speak to us and use what DARA offers as the gold standard for comparisons. We do not state this lightly, and we stand by our reputation as one of the best.
  5. Treatment in paradise helps, and you won’t find two more beautiful and naturally serene locations than DARAs two resort-like treatment facilities in Thailand. Recovery is hard work, very hard. Excellent meals, private, plush living accommodations and an environment that fosters rest and reflection empower this recovery process.

More questions? Not sure where to start? Just call DARA. Let’s get a plan in place so that when your loved one says “help me now, I’m ready,” you can do exactly that.

If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction,
contact us at 1-888-457-3518 US, 0-808-120-3633 UK or 1-800-990-523 AU.
We’re here to help you take that first important step.

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If you, or someone you care about, needs help for a drug or alcohol addiction, contact one of our therapists today.
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