Australian Government Launch Ad Campaign to Fight “Ice” Addiction

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It’s gritty, graphic and promoted by real fears concerning the rampant increase of Ice Addiction across Australia. This $9million, 6-week media blitz targets younger crystal meth users.

Ice is cheap to make and easy to distribute. Ask the preteens being recruited in rural Australia who don’t just distribute to their adolescent customers, but are forced cook the meth. Dangerous, and potentially deadly, and cause chronic physical conditions from being around the cooking process. Towns being torn apart, medical personnel and families assaulted by those under the influence of ice, and some frank concerns about losing a whole generation of youth in some remote rural areas due to ice.

Immediate Help for Ice Addiction Is Desperately Needed for Australians

Money is being ear marked to get more addiction treatment centers in place. There are long lists and few options for adults seeking help. For the young ice user, the view is even dimmer. Across the entire New South Wales and Canberra areas, only 26 beds are in place. None of these are easily accessed due to the long waiting lists.

The cost of private residential treatment services in Australia runs anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 per month. Not all of these accept adolescent patients, and many still have waiting lists due to the skyrocketing demand for ice addiction and other substance abuse. DARA has been extremely impressed with this massive ad campaign on ice addiction. We are also ready to be part of the solution to this disastrous trend in ice addiction in Australia.

DARA’s all-inclusive affordability, and most importantly our exemplary clinical services are increasingly provided to desperate Australian’s ages 16 and over who need help for ice addiction now. Our two resort-like facilities in Thailand are not just naturally beautiful; they create a therapeutic atmosphere of change that helps our clients take on the challenges of recovery.

DARA is here 24/7 to help you, so please don’t hesitate to call. You’ll speak directly with a clinician who will answer all of your questions with total transparency and honesty. We are your support and navigators of the treatment and recovery process from that first call, until well after you or your loved one return to Australia.

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