Beware Of Escalating Drug Dependence

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It is quite frightening how quickly drug dependence can catch up with those who use illegal substances for recreational purposes.

Enjoyable experiences call for more of the same:

It is a natural reaction for anyone to want more of something that gives them enjoyment. In the case of illegal drugs this enjoyment is felt through the highs offered and an enhanced feeling of enjoyment which adds to the sense of occasion.

The problem with such experiences is that your body and mind quickly take to the substance(s) of choice and hanker for more.

With regular use you are building up a tolerance that demands attention. This attention comes in the form of repeated use, but the same amount taken on a regular basis eventually lessens the impact making those initial highs insufficient to fully satisfy.

The obvious answer? Load more into the pipe, draw up an extra line, or pop a couple of tabs rather than just the one.

This solution will certainly do the trick, those highs and good feelings you are chasing will come running, but at a price. That price is an ever increasing dependence upon drugs.

Signs your drug dependence is deepening:

It cannot be stressed enough just how quickly you can find yourself in a situation where drugs are not fun anymore, they are a necessity.

The once weekly ritual has turned into a couple of times each week which soon gets into a daily groove that draws your mind and body to your substance(s) of choice. Before long you find going without that much needed hit produces some very unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

These unwanted symptoms can easily be quashed: Make sure you keep topped up! Of course, the longer you continue down this route the more dependent you become.

While signs manifest themselves from a behavioural, physical and psychological point of view we will give just 4 examples of many that are most easily recognisable.

If you acknowledge any of these then it really is time to seek professional rehab assistance.


A drug user’s behaviour is a major pointer to increased use. While there are many behavioural traits that give you away. Let’s just concentrate on 4:

Increased obsession:

Those who find their dependence is growing will have increasingly obsessive thoughts about their next hit. These thoughts will take priority over everything else.

Family and social obligations will often be forgotten or disregarded because they could interfere with the all-consuming need for drugs.

Aware of the damage you are causing:

This behaviour will start alarm bells ringing to those closest to you. You will also be very much aware of the damage you are causing to them and yourself.

The problem here is that the need for, and urge to continue drug use has become too strong to abstain.

Attempting to hide use:

The greater a user’s need the more desperate they become in trying to hide their increased usage from others.

While a user strongly believes they are successfully hiding use from others this is quite the opposite. Regular disappearances from company, changes in attitude and demeanour, and rapid mood changes all point to the fact that drugs have taken control of your actions and reactions.

What needs to be realised is that those closest to you know you very well. Once your behavioural pattern changes they will be the first to notice. It must also be repeated that the only person you are really fooling in terms of how much you need that increasingly regular hit is YOU!


This is a critical pointer. Those relying more and more on drugs will proclaim loudly to anyone who cares to listen that their drug use is nowhere near as serious as others may think.

The reality is that the user knows it is far more serious than others think, but believes continued denial will help the problem go away.

It will not! What will happen is that you will become ever more dependent and eventually have to face the consequences of such action.

Do yourself and those closest to you a BIG favour:

Dependence on drugs will not go away on its own. Continuing on the increased use route will deepen dependence and rapidly turn into full blown addiction.

There is a way out, and while it will be no walk in the park it is far better than the continued slide into addiction.

Quit denying there is a problem with your drugs use and contact a counsellor at a well-established rehabilitation establishment.

These caring professionals are there to help and have seen it all before. You should feel no shame in making such contact. Indeed, you should be proud to have made such a call.

Once this contact is established a plan will be put into place that will help you to understand the reasons behind your drug use, what can be done to stop it, and a structured treatment route to a drug free future will be discussed, agreed and implemented.

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