Excessive Drinking – The Road To Rack And Ruin

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Regular and excessive drinking will damage far more than your health. We will look at one serious social consequence and where those with issues should seek help.

Relationship problems:

If you are in a relationship and one partner is regularly drinking to excess, it is a sure-fire way of igniting arguments and inflaming any simmering issues.

Tiffs will begin over small issues and when drink is involved these disagreements can quickly be blown out of all proportion. Unfortunately, they can often turn violent and the rift between you and your partner continues to widen.

Common reaction to these arguments:

A very common reaction to these arguments is for the partner with a drink problem to hit the bottle again. This is done in the misplaced belief that it will help them forget unhappiness at home and ease problems.

The reality is that the only thing this solution is doing is making matters far worse for both parties.

Alcohol has a very strong pull and will certainly not argue with you as you continue to empty your glass. However, the initial good feelings will be quickly replaced with deep-seated sadness or anger at your current situation.

Returning to your partner in a state of inebriation will rekindle the argument flames and accusations from both sides will fly. Harsh words spoken in the heat of the moment will linger for a long time causing further anguish for all concerned.

Lowered inhibitions:

Drinking alcohol lowers inhibitions and an occasional drink or two for relaxation is often the perfect tonic. The problem with excessive drinking is that it lowers inhibitions and many take a ‘devil may care attitude’ while in a drunken state.

If your relationship is going through a rocky period due to alcohol consumption the odds are that satisfying sex sessions with your partner will be at best minimal, and in many cases non-existent.

This being the case there is a good chance your eyes may wander while in a drunken state. If someone takes your fancy and they are open to your advances, you could very well end up taking things further and end up sleeping with this new partner.

Please be very clear, infidelity will NOT strengthen a relationship that has problems. What it can do is completely destroy the trust between you and your current partner.

Returning home late or early the following morning is a certain way to raise home tensions even further, and if the night you spent with another partner fulfilled your sexual needs then the temptation will be to go looking for more of the same.

How long you will keep such activities secret is a moot point, but the reality is that you are dooming an already damaged relationship.

Where to seek help:

Relationship guidance is one way to go if you are having current issues with the partner in your life, but if you know the major source of your issues is excessive drinking then steps must be taken to curb it.

Trying to stop drinking on your own:

This is a very brave and direct approach; unfortunately, it is very difficult to achieve. Not because you are weak, it is because alcohol has a very strong hold over your mind and body and will not release easily.

The urge for ‘just one drink’, and various unwanted early withdrawal symptoms greatly reduce your chances of success. They are so overpowering that there is a high probability you will quickly slip back into your old routine.

While on the ‘routine’ topic, another blow to ceasing alcohol alone is that you will still be living in the same environment, you will be close to your regular watering holes or favourite bottle shops and temptation awaits at every turn.

If you are determined to go it alone then it is recommended to take up an old or new hobby, busy yourself with things around the house such as DIY or cooking, and change your social routine to avoid situations where you know alcohol will be freely available.

Rehab assistance:

This really is a sensible option with an added bonus. By admitting to yourself and your partner that drink is the major cause of problems in your relationship there is a very good chance you will find support and love in your efforts to beat the bottle.

Well-established rehab centres will be able to treat you as an outpatient, or better still opt for a residential inpatient stay.

This type of treatment will take you out of your usual environment into one that has been created with healing as its priority.

Calm, luxurious surroundings will help get you in the right frame of mind to tackle the problems you are currently having with alcohol, to push on and to overcome them.

Do you value your current relationship?

If you value your current relationship as well as your own health and happiness it is time to stop reaching for that glass with increased regularity.

It is also time to seek alcohol rehab treatment that will do you and your partner the world of good.

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